Brilliant Tips To Calm Your Pup When The Delivery Guy Shows Up

Brilliant Tips To Calm Your Pup When The Delivery Guy Shows Up

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One major problem that we have at our office (and homes) is that our dogs freak the pup out every time a delivery person comes to the door. It’s super embarrassing when the poor Seamless delivery guy gets the ever-lovin’ Grey Poupon scared out of him by our pack of furry barking maniacs. Example A, office pup Benji and his pal Chemi below:


Delivery guy terrorization doesn’t have to happen every doggone time the doorbell rings. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to calm your dog whenever your personal savior the Seamless delivery guy knocks.


Option 1: Stay cool.
When the doorbell rings and you know there’s something scrumptious on the other side, resist the urge to sprint and whoop toward the door yourself. If you stay calm, it’ll go a long way toward keeping your dog calm as well.


Option 2: Quiet the bark.
Your pup may bark at the door out of excitement, fear, or to alert you that something’s going on. Teach your dog to obey the “quiet” command, make sure your dog gets lots of exercise to keep general anxiety at bay, and work on general obedience training to increase the trust your dog has for you.

Option 3: Send your dog to their “spot” — they should sit and stay at least a few feet away from the door.
If your dog has really stiff body language when they bark at the door, they are most likely “alarm barking” to protect their territory. One great way to combat this behavior is through “spot training” where you teach your pup to go to a designated location every time the doorbell rings. If you give your dog a reward after they successfully go to their spot and stay quiet, you show them that visitors are not always bad. (The ASPCA has a great list of tips for spot training.)

But preferably their “spot” is not on the cat.

Option 4: Your dog must stay put while you open the door.
If your dog budges while you approach and open the door, close the door and back away until your pup calms down again.
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Option 5: Once you’ve received your glorious bounty from the delivery man and have closed the door, release your dog. And don’t be a monster, give them a treat!
jumping dog

Once you finally have your food, attempt to enjoy your eats in peace and quiet. …Yeah. Good luck with that.

This post is s-paw-nsored by Seamless! Click here to get $7 off your first order. Furnomenal!

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