Ryan Carter is the brains behind this stunning, inspired, Instagram account.
“I own a social media agency in Nashville so naturally I’m always thinking about ways to blend my career with my passions,” says Carter, in an interview with BuzzFeed.
Carter told BuzzFeed that he has a fiancé and two dogs and that they do everything together.
Carter also says that his favorite memories are disconnecting completely and going camping.
“That’s the place I was coming from that led me to create Camping With Dogs. I wanted to create an online community for the outdoorsy dog owner," says Carter.
Carter tells BuzzFeed that some of the best stories he's gotten are from pup parents who take pictures of their dogs laying in the only mud puddle on the trail.
According to Carter, he's received tons of pictures from around the world of owners sharing the camping experience they've had with their pups.
In fact, #campingwithdogs only had 125 tags on Instagram when they first launched but now you can find over 50,000.
“We share very nostalgic pictures that remind people of great times they’ve had in the past. It represents exactly who they are,” says Carter to BuzzFeed.
We can't help but gape at Carter's awe-inspiring account.
To say this has inspired us to completely disconnect and explore with our pups is an understatement.
For continued inspiration click through the gallery. You won't be disappointed!
Or you can just follow his Instagram account to check out the newest, wanderlust inducing pictures.
Imagine waking up to this view and with your best friends by your side? It's priceless.
For more dog-friendly camping, follow @campingwithdogs.
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#CampingWithDogs Photo Series Inspires You To Have Outdoorsy Vacations With Your Dog

Featured image and H/t via @newtonsadventures