More than half of our beloved dogs and cats are overweight or obese, leading to countless health problems and shortened life spans. One UK based charity, The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) has decided to do something about it. For 10 years they have hosted the Pet Fit Club Weight Loss Challenge to encourage pets and owners to live healthier. Here are some of the contestants, and a few pups who have made drastic weight loss transformations right at home!
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Kayla was the champion of this year's challenge. She lost a whopping 37 pounds in 6 months!
Source: Pet Fit Club
Poppy the Spaniel snagged second place in the challenge, she lost 1/4 of her body weight!
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Rolo the roly-poly Pug lost nearly a fifth of his body weight to win third place!
Source: Pet Fit Club UK
Before Pet Fit Club, Bobby was TWICE his recommended weight and known to steal food from neighbors' homes! Six months later, he is down 23 pounds!
Source: Pet Fit Club UK
Before Harley lost 9 pounds he was often mistaken for a pudgy panda bear by tourists!
Source: Pet Fit Club UK
At his heaviest, Fudge the Lab Mix was 128 pounds! After PFC he is down to 107, and still working hard.
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Poor Bob was returned to the shelter because of his weight and poor health. Luckily his new mom had faith in him, and he has now lost more than 10 pounds.
Source: Pet Fit Club UK
Duke was morbidly obese before Pet Fit Club, but now he is down 11 pounds, and well on his way to healthy living!
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Jemma the adorable Doxie Mix has lost 4 pounds- a huge relief for those short little legs!
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"Humongous Hooch" was a rescue pup with a BIT of a weight problem, but thanks to PFC and his new mom, Leslie, Hooch is down an impressive 27.5 pounds!
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This cute King Charles Cavalier Spaniel is almost unrecognizable in her after picture- and it's not just the haircut!
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Daisy the Beagle looks happier and more energetic in her after pic!
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Check out Lucy the Doxie's new trim waistline! She went from 16 pounds to 13.5!
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This Black Lab lost an incredible 45 pounds! Her mom says looking back at old photos, she can't believe her princess was ever so big!
Kale the Beagle lost an incredible 44 pounds, cutting his weight in HALF!
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