Mark Schermers Ringo and Emma
Chantal Adair of The Dog Styler has an eye for quirk and cute when it comes to pups and their equally amusing parents. In celebration of Father's Day (or Dog Dad's Day, as we call it 'round these parts), she captured 16 dapper dads and dogs who are basically just one being in two separate bodies.
He has his mother's fur, but his dad's style.
Guess who insisted on the big glass.
"Dad's got the brains, but I supply the brute force."
Two dudes livin' the dream with a pair of cold ones... until 6 when Judy gets home.
Dad neglected to mention it was casual Friday.
"Excuse me sir please step away from my family. We are too cool for you."
"Holy crap I think I left the oven on."
"I let both cameras get my good side a.k.a. all my sides."
You haven't seen these two bond until they break out the buffalo wings.
"You wanted to pick out your outfit this morning, now you have to own it."
Dinner isn't complete without a little broccoli, egg... chicken jerky, bully stick...
"Dad said this hat would get the cool dogs to like me and then I remembered I am the cool dog."
"I hope you got one for yourself too, Dad."
When you choose to rock the Hawaiian shirt, there is no turning back. #WerkIt
"Yes, we wake up looking this awesome."
*Just remembered where he buried his tennis ball 3 years ago*
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Whatever These Dog Dads & Their Pups Are Doing, They’re Doing It Right

featured image via Chantal Adair/@TheDogStyler