27 Chic Items For Pup Parents With Parisian Flair

27 Chic Items For Pup Parents With Parisian Flair

Bonjour! If you’ve always dreamed of life as a Parisian strolling the streets with your le woof this list is for you! While you’re saving up for your next flight abroad fill your closet & home with these French pup inspired pawducts. This list is not lacking when it comes to snazzy accessories, graphic tees, & home decor inspired by fluffy butts native to the land of chic. Yappy shopping furiends!

1. Poodle Paris Tee$33

Whether your fur kid is a full bred Poodle, a Llasapoo, Flandoodle, Whoodle, or Schnoodle heads will spin next time you walk your beast while rocking this chic tee. This is a must have staple for pawrents of the fluffy & french descent!


2. Paris Pup Print$11.14

The perfect touch of vogue for a Paris & pup obsessed hooman.

Print Paris France

3. French Sausage Dog I-phone Case$9.99

Oui Oui! The most stylish sausage you ever did see! Doxies are of German descent but that doesn’t mean they can’t rock some classic Parisian digs in style.

french sausage dog case

4. Frenchie Tank$15.99

Get a head start on your French with this squishy faced tank.

Frenchie Tank

5. Bonjour Frenchie i-Phone Case, $35 

A mustache rocking, beret wearing Frenchie?! What’s not to love?!

Bonjour Case

6. Frenchie Mug$16.95

Your daily latte just got cuter with this little French piglet face.

Frenchie Mug

7. Chic Frenchie Tee$22

Outfit inspo for your French fur-kid, parfait!

Chic Frenchie Tee

8. French Pug Tote$22

Pugs originated in China but this dapper lad is rocking the Parisian steez like a natural.

French Pug

9. Parlez Vous Francais Tee$24

J’adore this Frenchie tee from Burger And Friends. If this doesn’t inspire you to learn the language of the Frenchie I don’t know what will!

Frenchie Tee

10. French Poodle Clock$24

Oodles of chic, fluffy, pink French Poodles to keep you on schedule on the daily.

French Poodle Clock

11. Frenchie Duvet Cover$99

Le woof parle Francais! Nightly snuggles with this French speaking Bully will keep you dreaming of Eiffel Tower adventures for days!

Frenchie Duvet Cover

12. French Poodle Print$59

Calling all Poodle & café lovers! This French Poodle print needs to hang in your kitchen!Poodle print

13. Bulldog Dish Towel$17.60

Pardon me but is this not the cutest French Bully ever? Anthropologie always does it right when it comes to dashing doggie inspired products.

French Bully Towel

14. Le Woof Pillow$52

Although I do not condone cigarette smoking it does come to mind along with cheese, baguettes, and the Eiffel Tower when thinking of Paris. This little French woofer fits right into that traditional Parisian stereotype.

Le woof pillow

15. House Of French Poster$39

A simple & classy reminder of your love affair with all things Frenchie.

Frenchie print

16. Frenchie Tee$22

On your must pack list for your next flight to Paris. You won’t want to take this adorable Frenchie tee off!

Frenchie Tee

17. French Poodle Bookends$68

Use these elegant Poodle bookends to organize your library of Paris inspired literature.

Poodle bookends

18. Paris And Pups Wallpaper$162

What’s not to love about this combination of Paris & puppies? This colorful mod wallpaper would be perfect for a hooman kiddo’s room!

Paris Wallpaper

19. Parlez Vous Francais Print$16

This Frenchie is hoping you speak his language!

Frenchie Print

20. Frenchie Note Cards$5

Charming Frenchie note cards brilliant for any occasion. These are cute enough to be framed & hung up for a daily reminder of the best things in life!

Frenchie Note Cards

21. Pardon My Frenchie Pillow$35

One of my favorites from this Parisian pup pawduct list! Add this Frenchie pillow to your couch collection asap!

Frenchie pillow

22. Pardon My Frenchie Tee$14

You can never have too many Frenchie tees!

Pardon My Frenchie Tee

23. French Bread Frenchie Print$20

A squishy face, stripes, & baguettes, you can’t go wrong with this print.

French Bread Frenchie

24. Frenchie Pup Mug$20.95

Another charming mug to sip your daily cup of café from while day dreaming of Paris!

Frenchie Mug

25. Poodle Phone Case$35

Obsessed with this Poodle walking Poodle illustrated phone case. I could definitely picture this duo strutting their fluff down the streets of Paris!

Poodle Case

26. Frenchie Kiss Pillow$20

A must add to any Frenchie lover’s pillow collection! This would pair perfectly with #21‘s Pardon My French pillow!

French Kiss Pillow

27. Frenchie Tote$22

An excellent carry-on for your next adventure to the City of Light!

Frenchie Tote