Your Pup Will Absolutely Demolish These Easy Cinco De Mayo Treats

Your Pup Will Absolutely Demolish These Easy Cinco De Mayo Treats

You aren’t the only one that likes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Your dog does, too! In fact, you can throw your own Cinco De Mayo party WITH your pup. How? With a couple of easy, delicious dog-friendly treats!


First, have your dog quench its thirst with a Bark-A-Rita. (Don’t worry, it’s a virgin.) This cool and refreshing drink is sure to please your puppy party guests!

Ingredients and Supplies:
-1 box of chicken broth, frozen
-1 box of chicken broth, room temperature

You Will Also Need:
-ice cube trays


Step #1
The night before the party, pour one box of chicken broth into ice cube trays and freeze.

chicken broth

Step #2:
On the day of the party, pour 1/2 cup of room temperature chicken broth into the blender. Add the chicken broth ice cubes. Blend until the consistency looks like a slushy.

chicken cubes

We know it doesn’t look like much right now, but trust us — it will.

Step #3:
Pour into cups or bowls and get fancy by garnishing with a zucchini slice.


Watch with pride as your pup downs that drink like a pro. Here’s my cockapoo, Jack, going to town on his Bark-A-Rita.

barkarita jack drinking

Well, now that everyone’s gotten their drink on, it’s time to move to the main course: taquitos! Or, as we’re calling them pup-quitos!

These delicious snacks consist of sweet potato shells stuffed with chicken and zucchini. After all, the pooches will need their energy to keep on partying!

petcha tacos

-2 large sweet potatoes, cooked
-2 chicken breasts
-1 zucchini

You Will Also Need:
-muffin pans
-cupcake liners


Step #1:
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line your muffin pan with cupcake liners.
lined lemon

Step #2:
Peel the skin off sweet potatoes. Discard the skin.
alla cucina

Step #3:
Grate the sweet potatoes or pull apart into strings.

Press approximately 2 tablespoons of sweet potato flesh into each cupcake liner. Use your fingers to mold the potato into the shape of the liner making little cups.

Step #5:
Bake the sweet potato shells in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

Step #6:
While the sweet potato is baking, cook the chicken breast.

Remove the sweet potato shells from the oven. Place cut up chicken pieces into each cup. Garnish with zucchini.


Step #8:
Feed to your puppy party guests!  Here is my Jack chowing down — he didn’t even have time to say thank you…
Cinco De Mayo Dog Treats 2

…though it was pretty obvious he was pleased. Have a safe and fun Cinco de Mayo with your pup and these great recipes, which can be found here!

Featured image via Meg Scanlon
H/t Petcha