21 Classy Totes And Tees That Are Every Dog Lover’s Dream

21 Classy Totes And Tees That Are Every Dog Lover’s Dream

Do you love pups, but also have a sophisticated taste? Maybe even a love of clean silhouettes and dashing lines? Well, look no further than this round up of totes and tees will send your tongues waggin’.

I’m particularly fond of totes and tees because they’re so versatile. You can feel classy in these items but also maintain some sass into your style vibes.

1. Dog Tote, $22

The grey watercolor style is sweet and striking. For those that dig a minimalist look with neutral hues, this is a must have item.

society6 puppy tote

2. Pierre French Bulldog Tee Shirt, $24.99

Nothing says pure class like a Bulldog in a beret. Not to mention, simple tee shirts don’t have to be boring anymore thanks to an artsy and clever design like this one!

bulldog beret

3. Tattoo Chihuahua Tote, $19.16

I love the cheekiness of this Chihuahua print, but I also like how the tote keeps it simple. With just a clear focus on this spunky pup, the bag really pops.

chihuahua tote

4. Big Dog Breton Tee Shirt, $135

Breton shirts will always be a part of classic style. So why not up it a notch or two? The playful pup silhouette adds a little more spice to a plain tee shirt, but still maintains its sophisticated style.

shop bop strip tee

5. Fred Tote, $44

Vera Meat has the tote game down: black and soft gold make this more than gorgeous. At the same time, the design is subdued and timeless.

vera meat tote

6. Bow Tie Pug Tee Shirt, $7.17

Your outfit levels can definitely be elevated to dapper status when it comes to wearing a tee printed with a pug and a little bow tie. The red accent brings in some color and keeps the shirt classic.

pug bow tie tee

7. In Dog We Trust Tote, $22

If you’re going to trust anything in this world, it’s going to be a dog. Why not wear my pawlosophies on my bags? The sturdy canvas is rich for daily wear, but also streamlined enough for a myriad of outfit options. Think: brunch, afternoon iced coffees, and taking long walks with your pup!

in dog we trust

8. My Heart Goes Boom Tee Shirt, $34

I tend to find black and white pieces add class to any wardrobe or style personalities. It’s timeless, quick to style, and works multiple occasions. The lovable pup and ballon print keep black and white design from being anything but boring.

dog balloon

9. All Over Pug Printed Tote, $15.95

Just give me all of the pugs. A cute Pug face is worth looking at multiple times. Repeating prints and patterns on a neutral surface create memorable accessories, but also don’t make you feel like walking wallpaper.

pug tote

10. Pomeranians In A Pocket Tee Shirt, $16.95

Say it with me now: Pomeranians are in a little pocket. On your shirt. It’s just the right amount of sweetness without going overboard.

pom pocket tee

11. Boston Terrier Tote, $29

The double Boston Terrier gaze is real. I love the slightly curious — or is it judgemental? — pup expression here. Totes like this make a wonderful use of white space, which makes the product more sophisticated rather than over the top.

boston tote

12. Bark & Co. Tee Shirt, $18

Perhaps slogan tee shirts are more your thing. I love the use of a minimalist but punchy font to bring a pupular phrase front and center. This is another option for adding a little flair to your tried and true tee and jeans combo.

belly scratch tee

13. Got One Friend in My Pocket Bag in Pup, $39.99

While this darling Frenchie with glasses embellishment totally won me over, the tote takes the cake with it’s clean lines and zippered compartments. Talk about being classy and organized.

dog zipper tote

14. Pug Tee Shirt, $20.36

Grey is wonderful neutral for keeping a timeless wardrobe, but it also is a strong background for detailed graphic tees. Social media lovers with a penchant for neat finishings should rock this on #TongueOutTuesday.

pugs out tee

15. Dog Tote Bag, $22

This illustrated tote is certainly heartwarming, but keeps it real by not going overboard. For those who want a little more color in their accessories, this tote is a great staple product.

pug bone tote

16. Dalmation Puppy Tee Shirt, $26.87

Bringing it back to an emphasis on silhouettes and clean lines, the scoop neck on this tee is pawfect. Not to mention, it’s loose style off sets the boldness of the puppin’ cute graphic, which makes it a good item to keep on wardrobe rotation.

brat and suzie

17. Navy Dogs of NYC Tote, $16.95

Instead of using graphics for one cute dog portrait, why not several? The attentive design lets everyone know how much of a classy dog ruver you are.

strand tote

18. Dog Print Loose Tee Shirt, $12.50

The playful expression and the loving, soulful eyes got me. This is far from a sappy pup print, but still showcases an adorable image while injecting an element of cool.

loose doggie tee

19. Dog Tote Bag, $22

The pops of color in the background do a marvelous job of showcasing the upbeat and pawsome dog features. The tote looks exactly how you would feel: happy, excited, and ready to take on an adventure.


20. Cute Dog Print Tee Shirt, $11.99

If only my life could be covered with Boston Terriers, just like this shirt! You might not be crazed with pattern madness, but this shirt blends color and multiple graphics with ease.

boston tee

21. Canvas Pet Tote, $160

The clean lines! The pawfect combination of minimalist and cool and functionality! This pet tote is equal parts charming and smartly chic.

love thy beast

Featured Images via Society6