We will dine together at gourmet restaurants that serve canines. (Good luck with that whole kibble thing…)
Also, your dog’s calories don’t count when you’re on vacation.
But don’t worry. We’ll work it off with a hike.
There will be road trips! Such road trips.
And I happen to think furniture (and laps) were made for pups.
Especially beds. (Yeah, good luck with that, too.)
So, I’m sorry if your furbabies get spoiled, but it’s a dog eat dog world out there. Someone’s got to treat yo pup.
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What It’s Really Like Being A Pet Sitter

As a huge dog lover without the proper space to dedicate to pups, I’m grateful to my friends who let me watch their pooches from time to time. I imagine being a dogsitter is kind of like being a grandma. I get to spoil the babes rotten, and then send them back to their parents. And that’s exactly what I do. These are my confessions…