It's impossible to pick the best butt from this selection. Has anyone ever seen a Corgi butt they didn't like?
Let’s see this face closer up shall we?
Yep, it’s indeed the cutest!
Rigby didn’t win best fluffy, but he won my heart.
Source: Flynn
I got Flynn the Smiling Corgi to stop and pose for me. Yes, there was a treat in my hand, but I would like to think he did it because he liked me.
Some Corgis just glow with love. Riddle is one of them.
Source: Baby Willow
You see those little feet right? That little spot on her head? Eeeeeeeepp!
Source: Emmett
Emmett is wondering how adorable he needs to be in order to get more food. Surely this is an acceptable level.
Source: Lily
Sometimes you derp
Source: Lily
And sometimes you go full dingus
Source: Lily
And dingus you remain.
Kiki was barking a second before this. She saw the camera and fluffed herself up, stopped, and posed.
Source: Hazel_Bear
Everyone loves Hazel Bear!
…but together with a buddy, they are perfect dinguses…dingi? Dingus?
Source: Toffee
Head and Shoulders, Ears and Tails…Ears and Tails!
And more tails!
Mwah! Mwah! Kisses between Flynn and Willow.
Source: Mugen
Mugen the geeky corgi guarding his water bottle.
This was the cutest fluffy according to the judges, but I would lay down in a field and let any of the contenders stomp all over me!
Source: Emmett
Obviously, this is a huge event, so even the Queen took time away from focusing on the #BREXIT to make an appearance.
Baby Corgi kicks cuteness level up a notch…
It was exhausting, so this mini group photo (28 corgs) only includes those who survived all the heat and frapping.
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100 Corgi Butts Take Over A Park In Jersey For A Good Cause

On Sunday, June 26, 2016 the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of the Garden State hosted its annual Funday Sunday. The event, which took place at Deer Path Park in Flemington, New Jersey, raised money for the club’s rescue program through raffles, bake sales and adorable Corgi competitions, such as most fluffy, longest ears, longest tail (for our Cardigan friends), and of course, cutest butt.

There were also several Instagram famous Corgis in attendance as well, and we got to stalk all of them. Browse the gallery above to see all photos from the event, if you can handle the fluff.

P.S. There’s more on Instagram!!