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1. You’ve grown accustomed to the high pitched squeal and “Corgi!!” that happens on walks in public.
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2. You’ve also been asked if your dog is just a really chubby Dachshund.
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3. You have an unusual fascination with staring at your dog’s butt.
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4. You have a lint roller everywhere (at home, in the car, at work) and you’re always using it. Always.
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5. You totally get why brides would want to rent corgis for weddings, but it’s still kind of weird.
6. You’re pretty sure your dog is on his back more than he’s on his legs.
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7. You caption your dog’s photos with things like “ears for days” or “satellite ears”.
8. You have a love-hate relationship with your dog using stairs.
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9. You love that your dog actually sits on its butt.
10. Words like “stumpers” or “drummies” are regularly used in your vocabulary to describe Corgi legs.
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11. The 3-legged-dog is a common occurrence in your household.
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12. Finally, no one chills like a corgi chills.
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12 Things Only Corgi Pup Parents Understand

We all love ourselves a good photo of a Corgi. They’re so lovable with their big ears and long bodies and stumpy legs and all. Some of you may know me as a Corgi advocate and lover from my adventures on Instagram with Chibi:


Corgis have taken the internet by storm, probably as a result of their amusing proportions, hilarious shenanigans, and adorable personalities. Those of you who are Corgi pup parents can probably relate to these telltale signs that there is a short-legged floofy-butt romping around your house.

Featured image via luckyno3