Someone Is Selling Counterfeit Versions Of This Popular Pet Food

Someone Is Selling Counterfeit Versions Of This Popular Pet Food

This year was the summer of recalls for pet food. Now, there’s a new danger out there for pup parents to be wary of: counterfeit dog food. The concept sounds incredibly strange, but it’s happening and internet commerce is making it easy for people to do it.

Champion Pet Foods announced that someone is selling counterfeit versions of items from their Orijen pet food line. So far, none of these fake products have been found in the United States. The products appear to be only in mainland China. However, there is a risk of them spreading to other countries. If you order your pet food online, you may inadvertently purchase a counterfeit product.

Orijen says:

“Purchase from an AUTHORIZED RETAILER. If purchasing online, we recommend you request your retailer confirm the food is authentic. While the counterfeit food is only in China, we recommend pet lovers in all parts of the world always buy their food from an authorized retailer.”

Many people purchase their products from online stores, such as Amazon or Ebay, where “resellers” sell items, including pet food, at cheaper price points. If you do purchase your pet products online, double check that the seller is authorized by the pet food company to sell you those products.

For more information, visit Champion Pet Foods.

Feature image via @unleashed_life_style.