This Site Will Make a Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Dog

This Site Will Make a Stuffed Animal Clone of Your Dog

Did you know that the first dog to be cloned was a dog named Snuppy? Born [*ahem, created*] in 2005 in South Korea, Snuppy was the first cloned dog in history. Another interesting tidbit, you can also get your dog cloned by a team of scientists for only $50,000-$150,000.

If you’re a crazy dog person but just not *that* crazy, the next best thing to a real cloned dog is a stuffed animal version of your pup– a Cuddle Clone. Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, Cuddle Clones creates the most incredible stuffed creations. Warning: Sometimes walking by these stuffed pups in the middle of the night will scare the bejeebus out of you.

Below are just 25 of the Cuddle Clones out and about snuggling in this world.

#25: Jin Sang


#24: Hana


#23: Shotgun


#22: Diesel


#21: Beamer

Beamer gallery

#20: Bo

Bo gallery

#19: Bogy

Bogy gallery

#18: Bubbles

Bubbles gallery

#17: Buddy

Buddy gallery

#16: Cocoa

Cocoa gallery

#15: Frankie

Frankie gallery

#14: Gator

Gator gallery

#13: Gizmo

Gizmo gallery

#12: Jager

Jager gallery

#11: Mist

Mist gallery

#10: Noonie

Noonie gallery

#9: Opal

Opal gallery

#8: Oreo

Oreo gallery

#7: Pagean

Pagean gallery

#6: Rufus

Rufus gallery

#5: Teddy

Teddy gallery

#4: Wynter

Wynter gallery

#3: Zack

Zack gallery

#2: Copper

Copper gallery

And #1, our very own Frida the office pup with her Cuddle Clone! Eyelashes and all.

The whole process of getting a Cuddle Clone made is pretty cool. When you start the process, you fill in what type of pup you’ve got, the weight, and TONS of details.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.36.14 PM
You add photos of every detail of your pup and submit! Then the folks over at Cuddle Clones work their magic. (And they don’t make just stuffed clones! You can also get figurines, and ornaments.)
Frida and her clone. Not only does Frida keep trying to play with the plush version of herself, it looks so much like a real dog that it’s a bit alarming at times. : ) If you’d like to get a Cuddle Clone for yourself,

Use the code “BarkBox” to get $20 off any Cuddle Clone!

And if you want to gift a Cuddle Clone during the holidays, make sure you order before the first week of November so that it can get made in time!
And as a special offer to coincide with our new photo-sharing property PuppyFeed, you can try to win 1 of 3 Cuddle Clones! All you’ve got to do is head over to PuppyFeed and upload the funniest, cutest photo you’ve got of your pup. You can also upload via Instagram by using the hashtag #barkbox and #cuddleclones. We automatically pull in those tags each hour. The three photos with the most likes by October 28th will win a Cuddle Clone!


Frida and her Cuddle Clone wish you the best of luck. ♥


All images via Cuddle Clones