Admit it... we can't get enough of our dogs can we? If we could take our dogs with us, everywhere we go, we would. But we can't. So, instead we've come up with a bunch of wagnificent jewelry that'll serve as sweet little reminders of your pup's love when you're away from them.
Source: Charm Parfait
1. Silver Dog Charms, ($2 each) Charms give you the flexibility to do as you please with 'em, pick the ones you like so you can have them on a bracelet, your bag, a necklace... the options are endless!
2. Bulldog Earrings, ($14) Yep. Bulldogs can look delicate too, y know. ;)
3. Westie Terrier Earrings, ($18.95) For a vintage twist, try these Westie portrait earrings! They are bound to make a statement at your next dinner pawty.
Source: Else Jewelry
4. Personalized Puppy Bead Bracelet, ($27.99) Mix and match metals with this bracelet. You can also have your pup's initials stamped on it.
Source: Anna Siivonen
5. Basset Hound Dog Ring, ($45) Into the rustic look and love Beagles? This piece is for you! Can't you just picture yourself waving your hand all princess like with this ring on your finger?
6. Dog Bobby Pins, ($19) Pin your hair back with these edgy pins and you'll be the envy of all your dog lovin' friends.
Source: Distinctly Ivy
7. Personalized Bone Necklace, ($14.98) If you're like me and can never find accessories that represent your pup, consider this simple dog bone necklace that can be customized.
Source: Meytal Barnoy
8. Doxie Ring, ($35) This brushed gold ring is a thing of sheer beauty! Subtle in sheen, if you prefer low-key you might wanna grab this now!
Source: Jtopolski
9. Chihuahua Necklace, ($48) Ay Chihuahua! This necklace is the epitome of edgy cool!
10. Vintage Greyhound Brooch, ($28) Traditional jewelry ain't floating your boat? Try a sassy brooch. You can literally wear your pup love on your sleeve with this one.
Source: Renattorize
11. Labrador Collar Brooch, ($18) Stand out from a sea of button down shirts with quirky collar jewelry.
12. Custom Dog Face Necklace, ($148) Over getting something random to represent your dog? This is what you need! While it might be slightly pricey, it's definitely worth it!
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