They're cute. They're fancy. They know it. It's so tough to live in a world where you are literally adorable ALL the time.

"It's hard being this irresistible."

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"I see you Sharon, peekin over here. Don't be shy, I know I look good."
"BE the bow. You ARE the bow."
"Was that the bat signal this time? Just the flashlight again? Okay."
Steve's family thought a classy bowtie might make him look more sophisticated. It wasn't meant to be.
"You've been in this room with me for three whole minutes and I have yet to hear a compliment."
Always the minimalist, Jesse knows a little sass and class will fetch the ladies.
"Tell me I cute I give you tiny kiss."
"To become one with nature, you must match its beauty. And I am gorgeous."
"I see you laughing. I know I look good but I will END you."
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"Fifty Shades of Grey was SO much more consumable in the eBook version."
"I don't always want to blend in with the crowd, but when I do I wear camo."
"It was him. He pooped under the table."
"You don't have to say it. I know the blue brings out my... eyes."
"Gee whiz, is that treat for me?! I must be extra specially cute today!"
"I just realized you left the iron on again at home, Carol."
"Did you smell that? It's the smell of American freedom."
"They said this bow would distract people while I grow into my ears."
When you realize the dizzying effect of your cuteness and you start floatin through space 'n time.
"YOU LAUGHIN JONATHAN? I see you tryin to hold it back. Disrespectful humans...."
"Ma says I gots to wear my Mary Janes if I wants to go out in public."
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22 Dapper Dogs In Bowties Who Don’t Even Try To Hide How Sassy They Are

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featured image via (left) @Retriever_Steve/Instagram + (right) @Bonjour.Coco/Instagram