10 Dogs Who Had Nothing To Do With Those Piles Of Stuffing You Keep Finding

10 Dogs Who Had Nothing To Do With Those Piles Of Stuffing You Keep Finding

Like the proverbial customer, the dog is always right. If they look at you with those big beautiful eyes and insist it was the cat, or perhaps the wind, that made the stuffing mess under the table, well then, who are you to disagree?

These capable destroyers are just doing their jobs and stickin’ it to the humans, #DestroyersClub style.

1. “Just be calm and wait till the humans leave the room before I rip you up.”

bear barkshop pittie 

2. “I’m trying to improve my eyesight, Mom, this carrot mess is just a casualty of war.”

carrot toy barkshop 

4. “How DARE you insinuate that I had anything whatsoever to do with that decapitated plushie.”

doxie with fluff in mouth 

3. “Pay attention, human. This is how you properly play with a teddy bear. Not that silly ‘cuddling.'”

squeaky bear barkshop 

5. “A pocket knife? For survival? Don’t need this—my humans won’t let anything happen to me.”

pocket knife barkshop 

6. *muffled* “This is NOT the Kinder Surprise Egg I thought I was getting.”

nose stuck in ball 

7. “Heh. Hey there. You said you were gonna be out for a couple more hours.”

watermelon corgi barkshop 

8. “I hope this is an all beef frank, Mother. You know I’m watching what I put in my body.”

hot dog barkshop 

9. “The snowman didn’t need his arm. He told me.”

adorable snowman barkshop 

10. “It broke and I didn’t even touch it. You get me new one now?”

vizla squeaky bear barkshop 

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featured image via @Chutney_Muttney/Instagram