10 Dogs Who Can’t Snuggle Right Now, They’re… Cleaning Up

10 Dogs Who Can’t Snuggle Right Now, They’re… Cleaning Up

If picking up after your adorable pooch is the most strenuous activity you participate in today, consider yourself one happy human! These pups may look innocent when you walk back in the room, but it’s only ’cause you ruined their surprise!

Nothing makes them happier than watching you pick up the fluff of their victims. Oh, and making their destructive debut with #DestroyersClub.

1. “If you squint your eyes and use the power of imagination, it’s just like eating those freeze-dried chicken liver treats.”


2. Dr. Dog’s 6-hour surgery was exhausting, but it wasn’t as though the patient had to make it out alive.

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3. *Tries to think of the closest living thing she can blame this on*

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4. “I know what this looks like… and it’s entirely accurate.”

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5. “The battle doesn’t end until I have the enemy’s heart squeaker.”


6. When you have a reputation of innocence to uphold but it’s just so tempting.

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7. “It wasn’t a moment of weakness. It was an example of bravery and strength.”


8. “What are you implying…”

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9. *Incoherent mumbling*

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