10 Plush Warrior Pups You’ll Find In Every Family’s Destroyers Club

10 Plush Warrior Pups You’ll Find In Every Family’s Destroyers Club

Becoming a member of the this, the most prestigious yet easy-to-get-into club on this side of the dogiverse, is something we hope for every pup. Each test is more fun than the last, and the final exam—proof of their almighty destruction using #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram—is impossible to fail.

It’s like college, but better. Introducing this week’s graduates…

1. “Makin’ a mess for Mom n’ Pop to clean up sure takes a lot out of you.”

lambchop toy destroyersclub 

2. “I like my squeakers over easy.”

barkshop bacon and eggs destroyers club 

3. “I kiss it make it better. Sorry, penguin.”

pixel penguin destroyers club 

4. “This is not the jalapeño stuffed crust I ordered.”

pizza plush destroyers club barkshop 

5. “Mmmm, tastes like freeze-dried chicken treats.”

shiba destroyers club 

6. “I’s… I’s accidentally burnt the pizza, Ma.”

pizza plush barkshop destroyers club 

7. When your crush texts you the winky face but insists you’re “just friends.”

emoji plush destroyers club 

8. Goodnight, sweet prince. You served your purpose well.

frank frog prince barkshop destroyers club 

9. The Barklyn Doggers’ squeaker finally struck out.

barklyn doggers cap barkshop destroyers club 

10. A ninja cat has no name. A ninja cat is no one. #GoT

ninja cat barkshop destroyers club 

Be sure to tag your warriors #DESTROYERSCLUB to share their victories against all of plush-kind! Oh, and for a shoutout from @TheBarkShop and the chance to wind up in BarkPost‘s weekly Friday roundups!

Shred on, pups.

featured image via @TheChelseaD/Instagram