20 Creative Costume Ideas For Your Pup

20 Creative Costume Ideas For Your Pup

Well folks, it’s nearly Halloween! It’s time for you to start brainstorming ideas for costumes, and we don’t mean for yourself. Make your dog the bark of the neighborhood Halloween night by dressing him up in the most creative costume! Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Honey Ham

If your dog is a total ham, makeĀ it a little more literal for Halloween! Pro tip: works best for pudgier pups. (Don’t tell them we said that.)

2. A Chocolate Kiss

While your pup can’t have his own chocolate, just MAKE him as sweet as can be! This is an easy costume with a bit of tinfoil and a patient pup.

3. A Headless Dogman

Pure evil genius. Get real crafty with this costume and reap the benefits of your hard work by watching your dog scare all the puppers in the neighborhood.

4. A Loofah

Dress your pup in this squeaky clean getup! Guaranteed to garner a few smiles.

5. A Hipster

A simple infinity scarf and a smug look will have your pup looking like he’s straight outta’ a Brooklyn coffee shop.

6. A Mummy

Want to make a costume with something you are literally guaranteed to have lying around. Toilet paper + dog = voila.

7. Bob Marley

Walk your dog with some smooth reggae playing on your iPhone, and you’ll get the whole neighborhood jammin’.

8. A Spider

Perfect for small dogs, when your pup starts crawling around, he might actually give some people a fright. Just make sure no one tries to squish him with a shoe!

9. A Ghost

A white sheet or pillowcase is all you need for this spooky costume.

10. “Out of this World”

Extra points for creativity on this one. That takes dedication.

11. Grapes

This costume is not for the easily-frightened. While it’s super cute, when those balloons start poppin they might make you jump! Probably best for a lazy pup.

12. Scooby Doo

Let your dog dress up like his favorite cartoon character. Ruh-roh.

13. Carl from Up!

This is just TOO ADORABLE. Get ready for a chorus of “Aws” to follow you wherever you go with this one.

14. Frida Kahlo

Hilarious. Artistic. Historical. This costume will turn heads.

15. M&Ms

Another chocolatey getup! Perfect for a group of pups who want to go trick-or-treating together.

16. Harry Potter

Welcome to Dogwarts.

17. A Hollywood Starlet

If you’re a brave pup parent, go ahead and let your doggo head out in this sexy ensemble. Just don’t let her walk on any storm grates or she may have a classic Marilyn moment.

18. A Lion

And if you have a couple more friends you can also have Dorothy, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow!

19. Thing One and Thing Two

Melting from the cuteness. Perfect for twins.

20. Beanie Baby

Simple, yet creative and nostalgic. Give your real-life beanie baby a cuddle.

Did you make an awesome costume for your pup?! Show us your pics and have a Happy Howleen!

Featured image via WallpaperHI