Surprise The Pup Lover In Your Life With A Dog Bouquet You Made Yourself!

It’s Mother’s Day and, ’round my house, that means creativity is king. Put a new spin on an old classic by upgrading your standard bunch of flowers into a motherpuppin’ masterpiece!

When I first heard the words “dog” and “bouquet” spoken in sequence, I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled. What does that even mean?

But after giving it some more thought, I’m not only on board, I’M DRIVING THIS FREAKIN’ TRAIN! Flowers? Love. Dogs? Love way more than anyone should ever love anything. Why have I never done this before? WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING WITH MY LIFE?!

That’s enough shame spiraling for now. Let’s get to it!

The first thing you’re going to want to do is gather Your Flowers and Your Stuff.Your Flowers should include (but are certainly not limited to) Carnations and Cushion Mums. You’ll need enough of one color to make the head and body of your pup, but feel free to play around with a variety of textures.


You will also need flowers and/or foliage to build your pup’s hangout. I chose an assortment of greenery and some eucalyptus, as well as some of my favorite types of flowers in bright, beautiful colors.

That brings us to Your Stuff:


-Block of Wet Florist Foam
-Craft Stuffed Animal Eyes & Nose
-Decorative Display Basket
-Hot Glue Gun

First, soak your florist’s foam by setting the block on the surface of the water and letting it become fully saturated on its own. Once prepared, transfer it to your basket or vase and you’re ready to get started!

Figure out where the front of your display will be and begin building the face of your pup smack dab in the front and center.


At first, it’s not going to look like much. I found myself very frustrated for a good ten minutes before my arrangement started to resemble anything at all. Just remember that the snout of your pup should protrude forward a bit more than the eyes and rest of the face.


Next, give your pup some paws by adding a few flowers vertically on each side of the face…


…give him some perky ears, and carefully glue the eyes and snout each to the exact center of a flower.


Now for the fun part! Get to work you tucking in all of your greenery and accent flowers, making sure to keep the tallest pieces towards the back.


That’s it! A super simple puppy bouquet guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Now all that’s left is to kick back, relax, and admire your handiwork.


Do you have any ideas for Dog-Inspired DIY projects you’d like to see on BarkPost? Let us know in the comment section below! Happy Crafting!