How to Make a Magical Flower Crown Collar For Your Pup

How to Make a Magical Flower Crown Collar For Your Pup

This article is part of our BarkPost Wedding vertical, The Dogified Wedding, full of tips and tricks for creative ways to include your dog on the big day!

I’ve been working on the BarkPost for over three years and thinking about all the different and surprising ways you can incorporate your dog into your life. Of all the things we’ve written about from vacations to everyday errands, weddings are some of the cutest. The photos are beautiful, the details are wonderfully labored, and it’s so special to see how people include these four-legged loves in such a momentous event.


The first day I adopted my crazy Pimm pup I immediately knew she would NOT be a part of my wedding ceremony because that girl has permanent party pants and wants to play ALL THE TIME. But her party self is most definitely invited to the reception in my parents’ Indiana backyard. In honor/pawnor of Pimm’s upcoming reception invite, I wanted to make sure she has the proper attire.


I found these little flower crowns on Alibaba and ordered a few on a whim. Mixed with some trimmings, lace, and beads from my collection, Miss Pimm now has a puppy flower collar fit for a reception pup.


The first thing I did to make the collar was snip the crown with a pair of wire cutters. Then I wrapped the ends in a smaller loop to fit a little dog neck.


Next, I took a bit of lace and stitched one side together to make a circle. When you put beads in the center it’s crazy how cute the fake flowers become! If you don’t feel like making lace beaded flowers, you can always glue/sew fake flowers on the collar!


After I stitched all of the lace and faux flowers on the collar, I made Pimm try it on!

diy-flower-dog-collar-for-wedding-1-2 diy-flower-dog-collar-for-wedding-6

The collar next to the necklace I made for myself from morganite cabochons. (See more DIY necklaces like this here. :))


Will update this post later with the professional photos from the wedding photographer!If you want more posts with pups in the wedding details? Check out all the BarkPost’s wedding content!


And just as a little PS to my mom who might get to this point in the post thinking that her daughter FINALLY listened to her lectures about slowing down and stitching things, handwriting things, or all-around doing things in the “proper” way… Check out this party in the back. πŸ™‚

diy-flower-dog-collar-for-wedding-9 Stacie&Sean-587

Writer’s note: This post originally appeared on my personal blog but wanted to cross-post it over here for BarkPost folks! πŸ™‚

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