Add Some Sass To Your Walls With This Super Simple DIY Modern Dog Art

Add Some Sass To Your Walls With This Super Simple DIY Modern Dog Art

Good ole Picasso had the right idea when he sketched out his adorable line art Dachshund. Simple as it may seem, there’s a certain something that makes us love its simplicity, and the design makes an unimposing and pleasant addition to any house, especially when you stick it in a frame! For this project, Picasso’s wiener sketch is our inspiration:


So let’s get started on this super cool DIY frame for your very own doggy art. (We promise, it’s beautiful. Even if you think you can’t draw.)

Here’s what you’ll need:

First things first: it’s time to doodle!

Step 1: Practice doodling your pup. Don’t even stop to think about judging your artistry — just be creative and doodle freely! Everyone has their own style and each work of art will be unique. Another tip: keep it simple! Check out your dog’s qualities. Does he have long/short legs, long snout/tongue, curly/poofy hair? Try to exaggerate his features in the doodle.

Step 2: Measure and cut out a square of card-stock (or another type of heavy paper) and go for it! Doodle away with your black ink marker and go ahead and make a couple so you can choose your favorite to be framed. Be sure to sign your art, too! If you really, really, really can’t accept your awesome drawing skills, ask a child in your life to sketch one for you! Dog art always turns out the best through a kid’s eyes.

Now let’s get to the frame!

Step 3: First, I acquired 4 scrap pieces of wood (you can skip this step and simply use an old frame, if you’d like). Be sure to use E6000 or a comparably strong glue.

Begin with two opposite edges of the frame. The glue takes approx. 10 minutes to start setting and 24 hrs to dry, so tape the edges together to get the tightest hold. (Make sure to not glue the tape to your frame.) Once those edges are dry, glue the other opposite edges, tape, and let them set.


Now we can add some string!

Step 4: Measure out a piece of string to fit your frame. Make sure it is long enough to reach both ends and not be too tight! Use a drop of your super strong glue and adhere one end of the string. Then, add a drop of glue to a button or bead and place on top to conceal the end of the string.

Once that is dry, repeat on the other side with the opposite end of the string.  When both sides have dried, go ahead and hang your art from the string with a clothes pin.

**You can opt to end here and hang your masterpiece on the wall, or continue with Step 5 to give your art a fun background.**

Step 5:Add a background by cutting out an appropriately sized piece of fun or fancy paper (or fabric). I attached it with duct tape — that way, I can easily switch out the background when redecorating, or for a change of aesthetic.


And there you have it: some modern quirkiness!