Crazy Dog Peeps, You Will Love This DIY

Crazy Dog Peeps, You Will Love This DIY

Are you and your dog inseparable? Does thought of being apart from your dog, hurt you to your very core? Well, take your dog with you anywhere you go with this easy, inexpensive and quick do-it-yourself project. It’s so simple, even a cat could do it!


1. Take a high-resolution photo (the “actual size” iPhone option is perfect) and drop it into Photoshop. Or any other editing program.


2. Cut out the head of your dog (or any other pet or even a human) and make the dimensions of your artboard 8-1/2″ x 11″. It certainly doesn’t have to be perfect since you will get cutting it out later. Save the photo as a high-res pdf. (Depending on the company you use to print, the file type will vary).


3. Get the photo(s) printed on heavy card stock. I used FedEx Kinko’s and it was less than two bucks.

(That’s quality control in the cone)


4. Cut out the head and glue it to a stick (I got paint sticks at the hardware store). Regular old glue does the trick or you can always use duct tape.

5. Wait for your head to dry and then take it everywhere!

Grand Central Station


The Hudson River


Wedding photo booths


Baseball games


Waiting outside for Stephen Colbert



Stalking kittens

Living dangerously by the train tracks