Create A DIY Jackson Paw-lock Masterpiece With Your Dog!

Create A DIY Jackson Paw-lock Masterpiece With Your Dog!


O hai there. Yes, YOU! Would you like to learn the skills of an artist? If you’re an art ruvvin’ pup like me, then why not make your own modern art-inspired masterpiece. It’s supah easy and supah fun!




  • * Poster Board (or canvas, if u r fancy-pants).
  • * Washable, NON-TOXIC paint like the kind for tiny humans. We’re gonna get our paws dirty here, folks!
  • * Treats for inspiration.
  • * Wipes for feetz.
  • * What mamz calls an “art-safe space”. Us city pups don’t have a yard, so we gotta make a studio.

Step 1: Have mamz or dadz set up your pawsonal studio! Cover the floor with trash bags and leave enough space for your supplies/to walk around the poster board. We used my old play pen, but any way you can block off space is good! Don’t forget to remove any pup accessories your parents want to keep clean (tell them to wear painting clothes, too!).


Step 2: Pick ur colors and put ’em in separate containers for easy paw access. I only picked two ’cause I’m a minimalist, but you can pick as many as ya want!




Step 3: Let inspiration take over! Play some mood music; have a dance party with your dadz! This is your time for expression! (P.S. Treats help with creativity block.)

IMG_5163    IMG_5165


Step 4: All done! Wipe extra paint off da feetz and wash wiv pup soap.




Step 5: Da hoomanz can collaborate if u want. I let mamz help wiv dis one.


Step 6: Let ur masterpiece dry overnight. Then iz time to hang and admire; don’t forget to sign da work!



I callz dis: Sunny Day In Central Park, Deconstructed. Shout out to dadz fer helpin’ me and mamz wiv dis paw-ject.


So texture! Such interplayz of negative space! XOXO- Audrey The Pup