7 Ways To Re-Use Your Old Clothes So Your Dog Stops Stealing Your Laundry

7 Ways To Re-Use Your Old Clothes So Your Dog Stops Stealing Your Laundry

1. Construct A Stuffed Activity Ball For Your Pup To Unstuff

For the pups that just like to rip the guts out of every single toy they possess, a way to avoid finding stuffing innards all over your den…kitchen…bedroom…is to take a Hol-ee rubber ball toy and filling it with scraps of old clothes and some treats. That way they can disembowel to their heart’s content, and you don’t accidentally go into work with fluff attached to your behind (yes, that happened to me, and no, I don’t want to talk about it).

2. Make A Plaid Peacoat

Hey, plaid may be passé for hoomans now, but it’s just hitting its stride in doge sartorial circles. So instead of mailing all your hipster lumberjack wear to Canadian woodcutters in need, make ’em into a chic little coat for your pup to protect them from chilly temps!

3. A Dog Toy So Fuzzy, Your Dog May Get Confused And Hump It

Sexual peccadilloes aside, all you need is an old, comfy sweater, some squeakers and sewing skills and ta-da! Before you sew the last stitch, they’ll be all over that toy to…play. Yep. Let’s go with that.

4. A Sweatshirt Bed So Comfy You’ll Want To Make A Hooman-Sized One

via diply

via diply

Just take an old sweatshirt and a pillow, add in some clever scissor work and sewing pizzazz, and you have yourself a Cloud 9 canine bed. Will you be jealous of your dog? Probably. Will you try to make one that’s big enough for you? Mebbe.

5. Make A Doggie Sweater and/or Shirt

You can do it the super crafty way….

…OR if you don’t know how to sew, take a small sweater and/or T-shirt you don’t want anymore and shrink it in the wash. For teensy pups, socks work too. One or two cycles later and voilà! You’ve made your own pup apparel! (What? It could work, you don’t know…).

6. A Tug Toy. Please. Like This Didn’t Already Occur To You.

If it didn’t, we apologize for mocking your lack of brainwave. But taking strips from an unwanted T-shirt, braiding them into a tug toy, wrapping the top round an old tennis ball (if you wanna get complicated)…really? You didn’t think of it? REALLY?

7. Snow Boots To Protect Dem Paws From EVIL ICE MELTING CHEMICALS Using An Old Fleece

At least this way you KNOW they’ll fit. And if you use a fleece you have already (be it a blanket or an article of clothing that’s so not your style anymore) maybe, due to the softness, your dog won’t do that funny dance. You know. Dat BOOTIE dance… 🙂

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