Doberman Embraces Her Dark Side In Amazing Star Wars Costume

Doberman Embraces Her Dark Side In Amazing Star Wars Costume

There’s no question about it, the Force is strong within this pooch and her owner. Sabrina Ridler of Redding, California has been making costumes for her Doberman Pincher, Penny Bark-Bark, since she first brought her home as a puppy. Over time, these costumes have become increasingly spectacular, with her most recent costume taking the internet by storm… trooper. (Do you see what I did there?)


Sabrina recently crafted this elaborate Stormtrooper outfit for her beloved dog as a Halloween costume, but has since made many changes to it as Penny now sports this classic white-and-black uniform on the daily for fans who have begun to visit Sabrina and Penny at their home.

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The costume is made out of a combination of lightweight foam, fiberglass, and resin, with the custom helmet having been made out of a mold of Penny’s head. Sabrina made sure to imply elaborate safety precautions to keep Penny comfortable during the crafting process.

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Since she began sporting the costume, Penny has been inducted as the first official Stormtrooper dog member of the Stormtrooper Ranch, which is a fiction regiment consisting of Star Wars fans who collect money for charity. As it turns out, sometimes being on the Dark Side means doing good for others. May the Force be with you, Penny!

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