20 Albums You’ll Buy Just For Their Dog-Themed Cover Art

20 Albums You’ll Buy Just For Their Dog-Themed Cover Art

We all know dogs have very discriminating taste when it comes to music (their hearing is ten times better than their hooman’s, after all). We tracked down 20 pawsome album covers that showcase dogs in all their glory – we think your pup will approve!

1. Van Morrison – Veedon Fleece

These regal Irish Wolfhounds are the perfect companions for Irish crooner Van Morrison.

1a Van VeedonFleece

2. Norah Jones – The Fall

The last song on this album “Man of the Hour” is about how people have more fulfilling relationships with their dogs than other people. What better image for the cover than Jones, donning a wedding dress, with a dog in place of a groom. We’ve all been there, am I right ladies?


3. Nelson – Because They Can

This album cover has been named on multiple “Worst Album Covers of All Time” lists. Impawssible! This clever cover, which is perfectly self-deprecating, was shot by none other than William Wegman. Wegman is a famed photographer pawpular for his funny portraits of Weimaraners. His work has been shown at the Brooklyn Museum, L.A. County Museum of Art and the Smithsonian. Those are some classy Weimaraners!


4. Alice In Chains – Self Titled

Lead singer Jerry Cantrell’s three-legged dog Sunshine landed a glamorous gig as the cover model for the band’s 1995 album. Sunshine looks pretty bummed in this photo – but don’t worry, those are just his pawsome acting skills. The pup was loved by the whole band, as you can see in the photo below.

AllCDCovers_alice_in_chains_alice_in_chains_2001_retail_cd-front Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 11.34.24 AM

5. Beck – Odelay

There’s no explanation needed for a cover this amazing. This image was reportedly chosen as a last resort when band members weren’t able to agree on an image. Beck’s girlfriend found the photo of this Komondor and suggested they use it. The rest is history, and this will go down as one of the most best album covers of all time!


6. Johnny Cash – American Recordings

These two pups photobombed the cover shoot for Cash’s 1994 album. As the photographer was setting up the shot, the pups walked up and positioned themselves on either side of the Man In Black. That’s what we call star quality!


7. Captain & Tenille – Love Will Keep Us Together

Nothing says luvvvvv like a pair of smoosh faced Bulldogs. Well played, Captain and Tenille.


8. Eric Clapton – There’s One In Every Crowd

An unapawlogetic pup ruvr, Clapton has been known to use his and his friends’ dogs in his album art over the years. His dog Jeep even graces the cover of 1975’s There’s One in Every Crowd. Jeep stole the hearts of all his famous dad’s friends – George Harrison named a song after him “I Remember Jeep” on his album All Things Must Pass.


9. Kate Bush – Hounds of Love

This album has made it’s way onto countless “Best Album of All Time” lists. Yes, the songs are powerful and Kate Bush’s voice is magical, but we’re willing to bet the adorable pups on the cover sealed the deal!


10. James Taylor – One Man Dog

It would be tough to find a photo that better captures the loyal nature of “man’s best friend” than this 1972 album cover. The album was recorded entirely in Taylor’s home studio, and the pup is thought to be his own best friend, Hercules.

James Taylor - One Man Dog001

11. Lily Allen – Sheezus

This sharp-tongued pop star is not afraid of controversy, but there’s nothing controversial about this cover photo starring three adorable corgis!


12.  Rick Springfield – Working Class Dog

OK, this might just be, paws down, the best album cover of all time. Rick Springfield has a huge place in his heart for his fur babies, even putting his bull terrier Ronnie (aka Lethal Ron) on the cover of his most famous album. Rick and Ronnie had such a special bond that when the pup passed away in 1994, the musician got a tattoo of a hawk (which represents Ronnie’s spirit) on his shoulder as a permanent memento.


13. Snow Patrol – Ask Me How I Am

No other band gets what it’s like to be a dog more than Snow Patrol. With song titles like “Chasing Cars,” the Scottish/Irish rockers are really in tune with their inner pups. The video for the title track off of Ask Me How I Am is filmed from the perspective of a day in the life of a dog. Watch the hilarious video here.


14. Beastie Boys – Some Old Bullsh*t

This compilation of early Beastie Boys tracks features “team mascot” Samson on the cover. The giant golden retriever was Adam Yauch (MCA’s) childhood pup. When asked what the coolest thing about Samson was, Yauch answered “That I could get in my sleeping bag or on a mattress and slide down the stairs, and he would attack me.” Just one of the dudes, Samson was there as three nerdy kids from NYC made musical history.


15. Charlie Daniels Band – Road Dogs

It doesn’t get any more hilarious than this! The Charlie Daniels Band commissioned a painting of themselves with canine heads for the cover of their 2000 album. The artist, Randal Martin, now specializes in wood carvings, but we think this is his masterpiece.


 16. Sublime – What I Got

Sublime frontman Brad Nowell and his dalmatian Lou Dog were inseparable. Brad took the pup everywhere, and Lou was captured in many of the band’s photos. Lou Dog was even by Brad’s side when the musician tragically overdosed in in 1996. Lou Dog was taken in by a friend of Nowell’s and enjoyed a a long and happy life until he passed in 2001.


17. Weezer – Raditude

Weezer’s lead singer, Rivers Cuomo, found this photo of Sydney the dog in an issue of National Geographic. Sydney’s owner describes him as “a dog who loves to jump” and the band was so pawstruck by the photo they had their label contact the owner and get permission to use it on the album.

weezer 12x12cs3.indd

18. Fleetwood Mac – Tusk

Fleetwood Mac fans weren’t thrilled with this album cover, since it was the first one that didn’t show a photo of the band. The photo of producer Ken Caillat’s dog playfully attacking his owner’s foot seems like an odd choice for a cover, but fans speculate it reflected the tumultuous relationship between band members at the time. Whatever the real story is—we can’t deny that’s one cute pup!


 19. Amy Winehouse – Frank

The late soul queen’s first album was recorded in 2003 and was named after her beloved pooch, who is pictured on the cover.


20. Weird Al Yankovic

The 2003 album from everyone’s favorite musical satirist does not contain a single song about dogs. That didn’t stop Yankovic from putting a hilarious photo of a poodle on the cover, thank dog!!


Featured image via Musicpides