19 Dog Breed Names You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

19 Dog Breed Names You Might Be Pronouncing Wrong

Bet you wish every dog’s breed was as easy as saying “Great Dane.”

1. Papillon

“Say it how it looks” does not apply for this small breed. Proper pronunciation is Pap-ee-on, contrary to popular belief.


2. Keeshond

So tempting to blurt out the wrong breed name. No worries though, what Kayz-hond could be mad with those adorable teddy bear faces?


3. Beauceron

French names tend to trip people up a LOT. A quick glance and anyone could mistake this pup to be a bo-ker-on. Proper name? Bo-ser-on, merci beaucoup.


4. Vizsla

The wrong way to say it? Vis-lah. The correct way? Veesh-la.


5. Belgian Malinois

Chances are you can pronounce “Belgian” with no problem. It’s the second word that trips most people up. It’s not Mal-i-noise, but Mal-in-wa.


6. Dachshund

For how popular these little dogs are, it’s surprising how many people pronounce their names wrong. We’ve heard everything from dash-hund to dox-and. Dox-hoont is the proper way to pronounce the hot dog dog’s name, originating from German.


7. Bouvier des Flandres

Yet another French name here to mess with your tongue! The Bu-vye de Flandr has quite a pretty sounding name, once you get it right.


8. Canaan Dog

Although often referred to as the Kuh-nahn Dog, the correct way to say this breed is Kay-nuhn Dog.


9. Newfoundland

These gentle giants are new-fun-LANDs. Emphasis on the last syllable. If you aren’t quite sure if you’re saying it right, just stick with their easier to pronounce nicknames: Newfies.


10. Cane Corso

Cane, like sugar cane? Or the kind that your grandpa uses? Nope. It’s pronounced Kah-nay Corso.


11. Samoyed

Most commonly pronounced Suh-moy-ed, this is a breed name that’s stumped many! In Europe and at dog shows, you’ll hear Sammy-ed. Samma-yed is the proper way to say the breed name in its native language though!


12. Coton de Tulear

A relatively new breed as recognized by the AKC, this name looks a little harder than it is to actually say. The Cah-ton de Tu-lay-ahr does resemble a ball of cotton, wouldn’t you say?


13. Entlebucher Mountain Dog

You’d be butchering the name if you said En-tull-bew-cher. These gorgeous pups are actually Ent-lay-boo-cur Mountain Dogs.


14. Schipperke

No to chip-perk, yes to SKIH-puhr-kee.


15. Xoloitzcuintli

Not sure how you’ve been saying this one in your head, but it’s show-low-eats-queen-tlee.


16. Kooikerhondje

Another non-English name sneaking up on you! Fear not, this is yet another name that is easier to say than it looks. Say it with us now: koy-ker-hond.


17. Weimaraner

Wime? Wime-err-ay-ner? Nope. Technically, it’s vahy-muh-rah-ner.


18. Spinone Italiano

How many spins? Just one. Spin-one. Just kidding, spin-oh-nay-ih-tahl-YAH-no is the proper pronunciation for this sweet pup.


19. Shiba Inu

Sheebu Emu? Shaba Ihnoo? This ancient Japanese breed has a name that stumps a lot of people. The proper pronunciation is She-bah Ee-new.

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