We love our dogs- and they complete our home. But they're also wonderful companions out on the road, and out in nature. Take a moment to reflect on the warm, simple beauties of life outdoors with your dog. And maybe bring your best friend along the next time you head to the great outdoors.
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1. Enjoy the journey
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2. Take only what you need
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3. And remember- everyone can pitch in.
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4. Keep your eyes clear
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5. And find your light.
6. You're never too young,
7. You're never too old,
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8. And whatever you learn, pass it on.
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9. When faced with a challenge… smile!
10. And no matter how hard the climb- keep smiling.
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11. You can have a nose for the next adventure,
12. But you can still love a lazy morning.
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13. After all, this is supposed to be fun.
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14. Don't forget to look up
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15. And see things from a new perspective.
16. Oh yeah- and you better learn how to paddle.
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17. Make a connection.
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18. And sometimes, it's nice to have your pack.
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19. Finally, remember: beauty is out there-
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20. So take a moment to be amazed.
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