We like this cup of coffee a latte.
Source: @turboandludy
NOT your average cup of joe.
Source: @mikebrich
Bet we know which one you'd pick out of the three.
Source: @sweet_lattes
Two cute, wouldn't you say?
Source: @warrengeeee
Dogs and coffee were just meant to bean.
Source: @ldypurr
Check out the muscles on this bulldog. He's so strong, he totally creamed the coffee.
Source: @baristagee
Two paws up for the most adorable latte art there ever was!
Serious coffee art talent right there.
Source: @throwandphetch
Two little paws that are almost too perfect to sip on.
Source: @xiclofilms
We like big cups and we cannot lie.
Source: @delia.rox
Genius at work!
Source: @hollymrox
Where have these cups bean all our lives?!
3D latte art is even more impressive.
You'll definitely java good day if you start out with a cup like this!
Source: @beauty_lapat
Alright, that's enough coffee puns for today. Enjoy this last piece of coffee art eye candy and go give your pup a hug for being the best inspirations in our lives!
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Coffee Art Of Dogs, You Guys!

Um, coffee lovers and dog lovers everywhere can rejoice because baristas around the world have mastered the art of turning regular ole joe into beautiful works of pup art! There’s absolutely no better way to start of your morning than with a steamy cuppa coffee and a pup lovin’ surprise.

Featured image via @HelloHoku