Dog Film Festival Is A Beautiful Thing And It Might Be Coming To A Town Near You!

Dog Film Festival Is A Beautiful Thing And It Might Be Coming To A Town Near You!

Los Angeles held its first Dog Film Festival last week and it looks like it was pretty delightful. This wasn’t the first time that the Dog Film Festival had been held. It’s inaugural run debuted in New York in 2014, so it was only natural to bring such an event to Hollywood.

Vermont based Tracie Hotchner, a Pet Wellness Advocate and Radio Personality was the genius behind the film festival. The goal she said was to, “educate about adoption, pet wellness issues, and philosophical aspects of pets in our lives.”

Hotchner wants to show the bond between dogs and their humans and that they are indeed part of the family even when you want to go to the movies.

The Los Angeles event boasted not only two programs that patrons could attend but also an afternoon tea on June 4th complete with a “green carpet” and celebrity guests (both two and four legged). But it’s the films that were screening on June 5th that ultimately drew the crowd.

The Dog Film Festival

There weren’t feature length films at the festival but instead had an impressive lineup of short films that were broken down into various categories to cater to different tastes. The first program was a lighthearted mix of documentaries, commercials, and short narrative films. While the big draw was the photographer and dog-centric New Yorker William Wegman’s short film, starring his four Weimaraner’s in full costume.

Program two had a thought provoking narrative with documentaries that also include some foreign short films. Most interesting was “NYC-Life on a Leash,” a documentary about the view of dogs in the city in 1999 as you follow a dog walker pickong up 30+ dogs around the city.

The dog film festival

The festival had something for everyone and was family friendly. Not only has the festival been held in New York and now LA, but also a variety of other cities so see if one might hit your hometown in the future.

Featured image via @DogFilmFestival/Instagram
H/t The Dog Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter