5 Dog-Friendly Versions Of Your Favorite Halloween Sweets

5 Dog-Friendly Versions Of Your Favorite Halloween Sweets

Halloween is upon us, which means it is now socially acceptable — nay, encouraged –to shove all of the treats into your face hole. Forget costumes, candy is the real reason for the season and I don’t take that lightly. Because candy becomes a veritable food group this time of year, there are bound to be lots of sad, soul-crushing, puppy dog eyes lusting after a bite of the sweet stuff.

But never fear! We’ve rounded up some dog-friendly recipes so you can make your pup some tasty treats — and even their own version of some Halloween staples. So you can keep your soul, y’know, uncrushed.

Peanut Butter Cups

When I was growing up, Reese’s were worth more than their weight in gold, and since we all know how much dogs love peanut butter, these cups made with carob instead of chocolate are bound to get gobbled. Check out the full recipe here.

PB cups

Mounds / Almond Joy

Light, tropical coconut. Beautiful, life-affirming chocolate. It’s a match made it Heaven, and now your dog can get in on that sweet action. Check out this recipe for these amazing Coconut Carob Dog Cookies to learn how to make these little beauties.

Crunch Carob Coconut Dog Cookies (4)


Pumpkin becomes a buzzword this time of year and it seems like pumpkin spice everything is taking over the world; don’t let your dog feel left out, whip them up some of these adorable mini doughnuts. See the full recipe and even watch a video tutorial here.


Oreo Cookies

Cookies are a treat I’m guilty of indulging in year-round and, you know what they say, guilt loves company…? Well, even if they don’t say that, I sure feel a lot less guilty when my dog and I splurge together. Check out these Twist N’ Licks guaranteed to satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth.


Candy Corn

Few treats symbolize Halloween as emblematically as those tasty little sugar morsels known as Candy Corn. While the real deal are full of artificial flavors and colors, these frozen treats have all the same visual appeal but are packed with healthy ingredients your dog will love. Check out this video by Petcha that takes you through the entire process.

Do you have a special treat you like to cook up for your pup? Let us know in the comments section below, we’re always looking for new ways to spoil our Pawffice dogs.

Happy Howl-o-ween!