6 Dog-Friendly Stores That You Can Shop In With Your Pup

6 Dog-Friendly Stores That You Can Shop In With Your Pup

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*Note: If your dog is not a service dog, do not bring them into a store that is not dog-friendly. Additionally, many chain stores (including ones on this list) leave it up to the manager to decide whether their individual locations allow dogs or not. The best way to ensure you can bring your pooch inside is to call ahead and find out that specific store’s policy.

Hey Fur-iends! Henry and Penny here of @henryandpenny on Instagram! We wanted to share a list of our retail secrets so that you are able to travel with your hoomans when they run their errands. I’m sure we’re not the only dogs who get super sad when the paw-rents leave.

Here is a list of some dog-friendly chain stores nationwide. Keep in mind that most of them have an open door policy for you four legged pups, but some have certain restrictions, so it would always be good to call ahead of time to make sure you know their policies.

1. Marshalls / TJ Maxx / Home Goods

These stores are pawesome! Most of them will let you in if you’re on a leash, but some of them need to make sure that you’re riding in a cart. In that case, have your humans buy you a nice pillow to lay in the cart so your paws don’t slip through the cracks in the cart. OUCH!


2. Bed, Bath & Beyond
Some of the BBB stores even have “Micro Dry Dog Carts” for your pooches! Um, amazing!


3. Home Depot/Lowe’s

These stores are great because they’re so wide open. We like to travel in style in the cart to help our human pick out paint colors (even though I think we’re color blind!) (PUPDATE: We’ve heard from a few folks that the dog-friendly rule depends on each store manager. Call ahead to double check! :))


4. Michaels/JoAnn Fabrics

We like to cruise around Michaels to check out the flower arrangements and look for new projects to tackle. And by “tackle”, we mean lay on the floor snoring next to mom while she crafts. JoAnn Fabrics has a floor that is large and cold, so it’s nice to cool down after a long day of shopping!


5. Petco/Petsmart (Duh)

Of course these stores are always pet friendly (as long as you’re leashed). We love going in here because A) we get treats from the cashiers and B) we get a lot of attention. And since we’re French bulldogs, we are also known as “major hams”!


6. Local Restaurants

Some restaurants that have a strict “no dogs allowed” policy, which we think is absurd…health reasons, schmealth reasons! Don’t be discouraged, there are many restaurants that have outdoor spaces that allow your pooches. Take some time and research your area and you’ll find many dog friendly restaurants.

So next time your humans are trying to sneak out of the house, give them those sad puppy dog eyes that you’re so good at and tag along with them!

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