16 Wineries That Welcome Your Pup With Arms Wide Open

16 Wineries That Welcome Your Pup With Arms Wide Open

One of the reasons being a human is awesome is because you get to drink wine—and if you visit a winery, you can drink SO MUCH wine. But what’s even better than wine? Having your pup along to experience it with you! The winery, of course—not the wine!

Here are 16 wineries around the U.S. that allow your pup to tag along, but be warned: some offer such awesome perks that your pup might want to visit again…and again…and again!

1. LightCatcher Winery & Bistro, Fort Worth, Texas

Dogs have to be leashed here, but they’re allowed at several places on the property, unless it’s Jazz Sunday (when no dogs are allowed due to noise and a crowded atmosphere). Water bowls are provided and if your pup is a little hangry, buy them a burger patty for $5. Owner Caris Turpen says they have doggie visitors every week, both newbies and regulars.

LightCatcher Winery

2. Fox Run Vineyards, Penn Yan, New York

Well-behaved dogs are welcomed here, outside of the café area. Water bowls are available on request.

Source: Fox Run Vineyards/Facebook

3. 12 Spies Vineyards, Raburn Gap, Georgia

This winery is home to two dogs, so any visiting dogs must be friendly! Visitors are given water bowls and have access to a creek that they can play in, but they’re not allowed in the small tasting room.


4. Working Dog Winery, Highstown, New Jersey

They might be called “working dog,” but they won’t put your pup to work (probably!). Leashed dogs are allowed to hang out with you in the outdoor seating area only.

Source: Working Dog Winery/Facebook

5. Southwind Vineyard, Millville, New Jersey

Dogs are welcome at this winery, as long as they’re leashed while in the tasting room. Your pup can even explore three miles of trails before or after you explore all that wine, and with at least one doggie visitor a week they might even make a new friend! Some dogs have a lot to say to the horses who live on the property but the horses never talk back, says tasting room manager Debi Salanitro.

Source: Southwind Vineyard, LLC/Facebook

6. Hickory Creek Winery, Buchanan, Michigan

With a veterinarian as the owner, this winery practically has to be dog friendly, and it is! There’s even a line of wines in memory of a rescue dog called Laughing Labs. Corgi Pongo welcomes friends in the tasting room with water and treats. Pups must be leashed and may be asked to leave the tasting room when it’s particularly busy.

Hickory Creek Winery

7. Round Peak Vineyard, Mount Airy, North Carolina

On-leash pups can go anywhere you go at this winery, though there’s also a fenced in area for off-leash time, too. Lots of dog-friendly events are hosted here, including doggie birthday parties and rescue events.

Source: Round Peak Vineyard/Facebook

8. Chateau Morrisette, Floyd, Virginia

This winery is so dog-friendly, they even hold pet adoptions days and feature a pup on their logo. On-leash dogs are welcome in the tasting room and you can even bring your friend along to enjoy some of the winery events, like the Black Dog Music Festivals.

Source: Chateau Morrisette Winery and Restaurant/Facebook

9. Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery, Platte City, Missouri

Though pesky health codes keep your pup out of the tasting room and winery here, there is a garden they can enjoy with you. Just remember to keep your dog on leash and with you at all times.

10. Topel Winery, Healdsburg, California

With events like Dogtoberfest and a yearly calendar that features wine and dogs, this winery will welcome your pup with open arms.

Source: Topel Winery and Tasting Room/Facebook

11. Palouse Winery, Vashon, Washington

Owner Linda Kirkish says she doesn’t visiting tasting rooms without her own pup, so of course this is a dog-friendly winery. There are no specific rules, simply the assumption that humans will look after their own dogs.

Source: Palouse Winery/Facebook

12. Keswick Vineyards, Keswick, Virginia

Bring your dog along to this vineyard that also has an off-leash dog park! If you specifically want your pup to socialize while you sip, visit during a Yappy Hour, when local animal shelters bring dogs to play.

Source: Keswick Vineyards/Facebook

13. Charron Vineyards, Vail, Arizona

Winery owner Susan Craig says this winery gets doggie visitors nearly every day. Each pup, who must be leashed and not aggressive, receives a water bowl and snack.

Source: Susan Craig, Charron Vineyards

14. Robibero Family Vineyards, New Paltz, New York

Two winery pups run off-leash here, but yours must be leashed and well-behaved. Your pup might be asked to stay outside if he’s particularly vocal or if the tasting room is crowded.

Source: Robibero Family Vineyards/Facebook

15. Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane, Virginia

Barrel Oak Winery…B.O.W.? Of course it’s dog friendly! On-leash dogs are welcome as long as they’re always cleaned up after and attached to a human. They’ll often get some tasty treats and there’s a yearly benefit for a local animal rescue where, of course, dogs are allowed.

Source: Barrel Oak Winery/Facebook

16. The Farm Winery, Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

Rusty the Golden Retriever welcomes his canine friends to this winery with water bowls. Their human companions can have some of Rusty’s Red instead. On-leash dogs are allowed, but not in the tasting room. This winery holds several dog-friendly events each year, like Rusty’s birthday party and an animal shelter fundraiser.

Source: Adams County Winery/Facebook