Animal photographer Ty Foster turned his lens on dogs and the tattooed humans they love in his photo series "Dogs Ink." As Inked magazine reported after interviewing him.
"Foster photographed tattooed people with their canine friends as a way to use the universally understood bond between dog and owner as a way to show that inked people are no different from non-tattooed folks."
Foster recently displayed his gorgeous images at Guts'n Glory in Rosendale, NY.
The exhibit culminated in a fundraiser for the Ulster County SPCA.
Ty wrote about the projecton his blog, explaining the essence of the exhibit: "There is a point in life where you realize that if you don’t do you, the ‘you’, you think you are is going to just fade into the white noise of life."
"That’s why I love this project."
"Everyone who has been a part of the DOGS INK series is just doing them."
"Being who they are..."
"...unapologetically and truthfully."
"Love my dog."
"Love my tattoos."
"Love my life."
"There are a million ideas of who you should be, how you should act..."
"...and how you should live."
"Be you."
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h/t to Dog Milk

Featured Image via Ty Foster’s website