Here’s The New Crazy Dog Parent Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Here’s The New Crazy Dog Parent Accessory You Never Knew You Needed

Being a crazy dog parent isn’t so crazy, considering how much time we spend cuddling them and spending money on things we never thought we’d need. It’s not a surprise we want to spend every moment of the day as close to them as we physically can, so a company in Japan is making every overly attached pup parent’s dreams come true with this thing:

mewgaroo hoodie

It’s a Mewgaroo Hoodie from a company called Uni Habitat, and it’s designed to help you easily keep your pet where nature clearly didn’t intend him to be, but who cares, because there’s nothing that will stop me from cuddling the sh*t out of any pup who climbs into it.


The site’s pictures feature cats and even a ferret cheekily poking their faces out of the kangaroo pouch that sets this apart from your average basic hoodie, and that’s cute, but anyone who’s ever been around a cat already knows it’ll take lots of bribing and tears and probably a divorce, tbh before some kitties will actually climb into what this cat clearly thinks is a TRAP:

mewgaroo cat wtf

I know several BarkPost dogs who wouldn’t even wait for the hoodie to be on a human before burrowing their silly booties into it, like Andi the office wiener (and food thief):


But as a human in love with dogs of an, ahem, larger pawprint, I can’t help feeling sad that Lady, my American Bulldog, would never get the chance to be worn like a little joey.

Yeah, not happenin'.

Yeah, not happenin’.

Maybe some day my dreams will come true and Uni Habitat will create a Hoodie For Big Ass Dawgs, because carrying my dog around in an extra large Baby Bj√∂rn would probably ruin her reputation and I’m a considerate dog owner.

H/t Diply