All the times that you can't do date night with your S.O. is just one more reason to have one with your perfect pup.
Thanks to your fluffbutt, you are NEVER without a snuggle buddy.
Sometimes you just don't feel like going out -- and when that happens, your dog will always support your staying in, eating pizza, and binge-watching TV.
You can kiss someone and it’s not considered cheating.
The only fights you have with your dog are actually kinda fun and involve dog toys (for the most part).
You may not always be able to vent to your S.O. about your bad day at work. But you can always talk to your pup, and they're right there to comfort you (even if they have no idea what an Excel spreadsheet is).
If you're in a fight with your S.O., you can talk it out with your dog. They're great listeners, and they always take your side (even if you're wrong).
Other couples posting coupl-y couple pics getting you down? Not to worry -- post photos of you and your dog looking adorable. Talk about a power couple.
You can still feel special even if you're far away from your S.O. How? When you come home from work every day, your dog greets you like you're the only person in the world that matters. INSTANT mood booster.
When you're missing your S.O., your dog is always there to make you laugh and cheer you up.
Your dog is always up for anything! Get out there and explore your city together. (Just be sure to bring poop bags.)
Every time you wish you could hold your human's hand, your dog's paw is right there to replace it.
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These Sweet Illustrations Show How Your Dog Helps You Get Through A Long Distance Relationship

Ahhh, the long distance relationship — better known as the “LDR” for those of us in the know. LDRs are never easy, because no one wants to be away from the one they love.

As someone who’s currently been in one for about five months, I can safely say that the only reason I’ve been able to get through the rough times is because of the support of my wonderful, sweet, stellar, tail-wagger, Benji. (Seriously, you guys, he’s awesome. You gotta check him out.)

I’m sure other dog parents in LDRs would agree that, without our dogs, this would be THE WORST. But thanks to our pups, everything is a little easier.