15 Dog-Inspired Nail Decals To Class Up Your Manicure

15 Dog-Inspired Nail Decals To Class Up Your Manicure

There are many ways, large and small, to show your devotion to your canine friends. If you love nail art, but can’t paint that small, check out these nail tattoos in a wide variety of styles.

Get out that topcoat because these are too cute to chip.

1. Dog Nail Art Illustrations, $12.84

These black and white dogs from helloharriet are tiny works of art for your nails.

helloharrietdecals helloharrietdecals2

2. French Bulldog Nail Transfers, $5.54

Want Frenchies with that French manicure? Check out JamJarShop – they also have pugs (and cats) if you’re into that.


3. Fawn Boxer Dog Nail Art Stickers, $3.96

Kerioak has a huge range of dog nail tattoos from Boxers to Papillions to Dobermanns.


4. Santa Hat Bassets$3.96

Is there anything better than a doleful Christmas dogs?


5. Yorkshire Terrier Nail Sticker, $4.90

Show your small dog pride with these decals.


6. Puppy Bottom Nail Stickers, $4.90

Take it to the next level with puppy butts.


7. Funny Dog Nail Decals, $3.50

Naildrobe has these colorful pups in glasses if you want to brighten and cute up your nails.


8. Beagle Nail Decals, $5.99

Those who are feeling groovy should check out these rainbow dogs.


9. Dalmatian Decal, $5.49

If you can’t choose between polkadots and dogs, Orrorr makes sure you don’t have to!


10. Nail Art Signature Collection Dogs, $2.99

For those looking for paw prints and bones and an assortment of cartoon pups Joby Nail Art has you covered.


11. Mini Dog Nail Stickers, $2.30

There are puppies in teacups. StickersKingdom has puppies IN TEACUPS OK?


12. Dog Nail Decals, $5

For a classy manicure with dogs TheBunnySitterClub makes these lovely black and white silhouettes.


13. Paw Print and Dog Bone Vinyl Decals, $1.99

These bones and paws from QuirkyCraftsShop are great for those who want a simple dog homage.


14. Dog Nail Stickers, $4.73

These lovelies from CraftyHoneyBadger remind me of the opening sequence of 101 Dalmatians where all the people match their pups.


15. Border Collie Decals, $1.99

These vinyl cut silhouettes from TrinityNails are regal and fun.