20 Dog Names That Are About To Blow Up In 2016

20 Dog Names That Are About To Blow Up In 2016

The end of a year means it’s the beginning of various roundups. Roundups of the best videos of 2015, the funniest tweets of 2015, the most awesome humans of 2015… etc. It also means you’re going to be getting tons of articles on predictions for 2016. As dog parents, if there’s one thing we care about more than anything it’s dog name trends.

While some canine names still hold the reigning title as most-popular – we’re looking at you Buddy and Bella – others are brought about by cultural references. Here are some fun predictions for popular dog names for the New Year, based upon hot 2015 trends.

**Disclaimer: These are just some fun, silly predictions for doges and in no way relate to actual statistical numbers.


This year Kim Kardashian broke the Internet, and then she had another baby. To no one’s surprise, the famous offspring of Yeezus was named Saint, and we’re sure that pup owners who believe that their dog is the chosen one will follow suite.

kim and dog

2. Pinot

“Pinot Noir” was a hilarious song in the new Netflix show, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s also a great name for a wine lover’s dog.

3. Charlotte

The second royal baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton is sure to set off a whole new wave of four-legged Charlottes (or Charlies)!

4. Matcha

This green tea took over Starbucks in 2015, when people realized it was a healthier way to consume a lot of caffeine. It was one of the biggest “food” trends of the year, and also makes the perfect name for a super energized, zany pup.

5. Boo

Boo is the name of the Instagram-famous Pomeranian but it’s also the name of a character in the hit show, Orange is the New Black. Not only is Big Boo an awesome character, but she’s also a dog-lover, so double-win there.

big boo

6. Annalise

Another name from a hit show! Annalise is the professor and main character in How to Get Away With Murder, which absolutely blew up this year. While the name is adorable for a baby girl, we have to say that a cute little female pup would also wear that name well.


7. Marnie

Another famous dog from social media, Marnie stole the hearts of crowds everywhere with her hilarious photos, commentary, and little tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth. She’s a senior pup who’s just trying to have fun, and we can only hope that there are more Marnies in store for us!

8. Toast

Okay, so there were a LOT of Instagram dogs this year. Toast is an NYC pup who’s getting married next year (yes, you read that right) and in celebrating the canine nuptials, we hope that others are named in her honor.

9. Burrito

When you think of food chains that were in the media this year, one chain should automatically come to mind. Chipotle! We think Burrito would be the most adorable name for a little Pug or French Bulldog.

10. Shonda

Shonda Rhimes has completely monopolized Thursday night television with her three hit shows – Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, and Scandal. Shonda-fans, consider naming your pup after the great Queen of primetime television herself.

shonda rhimes

11. Katniss, Peeta, Prim, or Gale

The final Hunger Games┬ámovie came out this year, and while we were super sad, we know that this isn’t the last we’ll see of a Katniss or a Prim. Fans of the trilogy are sure to name their brave, adventurous dogs after the strong characters in the films.

12. Chewie

Furry dogs everywhere will continue to carry on the name of the legendary Wookie in the Star Wars franchise. With the new movie having just come out, we’re assuming the name will be popular once again! The force is strong with these ones.

13. Khaleesi

The name of the beautiful and influential wife of the khal in the Game of Thrones series is still going strong as a popular name in the dog world. We think it’s unique and pretty!

14. Drake (or Bling, because come on)

A perfect name for the dog who used to call you on your cell phone. Just kidding, dogs can’t use cell phones, but they can be named after the influential rapper who came up with the viral hit, “Hotline Bling” this year.

15. Jeter

Professional baseball player Derek Jeter retired in 2014, and fans of the athlete will probably be missing him so much in 2016, that they might just have to name their four-legged family member after him.

16. Brady

Another major athlete, Tom Brady is always in the news for something (whether it be deflated balls or his model wife, Gisele). Patriots fans, claim that name for your next pup right now before one of your friends does!

17. Brooklyn

The New York City borough that’s officially the place to be has also been turned into a sure-to-be-nominated film. Be the first in your crowd to name your dog this, and put Brooklyn on the map.

18. Comet

One of TV’s most-famous dogs is back! With Full House returning to the small screen, the family’s Golden Retriever is also making a comeback – as well as his name (we predict).


19. Hazel Grace

The main character in John Green’s hit book and film, The Fault in Our Stars tugged at our heartstrings, and also made us think about how cute of a dog name it would be.

hazel grace

20. And a few names still going strong: Elsa, Thor, Piper

In 2015 you could have asked any little girl (or boy!) what they wanted to name their new dog, and they would probably have said “Elsa” after the extremely popular Disney film, Frozen. Other character names still going strong in the dog world – Thor (after the movie) and Piper (another character from OITNB).

What do you think 2016 will bring in terms of pupular dog names? Comment below!

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