20 Dog-Inspired Gifts For The Workaholics On Your List

20 Dog-Inspired Gifts For The Workaholics On Your List

We all know someone who never leaves work… even when they leave work. We love them in spite of their wonky workaholic ways, but what do you get for someone whose body and brain never leave the office?! Never fear, now you can pimp their work space with these fabulous pup-themed office accessories!

1. Dalmatian Stapler, $24.00

Leave it to Anthropologie, the masters of all things cute and whimsical, to offer this regal Dalmatian stapler. If you’ve gotta collate, might as well do it in style.

dalmatian stapler crop

2. Dog’s Arse Pencil Sharpener, $15.70

When your coworkers are driving you nuts, it’s two hours ’til lunch, and the phone just won’t stop ringing, take a moment to enjoy this delightful item. Dog butt humor never fails to cheer up a true pup lover.

pencil sharpener

3. Bark Clips, $6.00

Created by the pooch loving folks at our very own BarkShop, these paperclips can be fastened two different ways. To find out how this office must-have can be used in eight other fun ways, check out this post!

4. Dog Butt Magnet Set, $11.00

If you’re anything like us, then you just can’t get enough pooch caboose! That boring old filing cabinet is just begging to be dressed up with these fun doggy derrières. Each set comes with a hydrant and one of each of the breed bums seen below- Pug, Dalmatian, Poodle, Scottie and Retriever.


5. Hipster Dog Wall Clock, $14.90

Counting the minutes ’til lunch and quittin’ time just got a whole lot cuter:


6.  All You Need Is Love Mouse Pad, $9.99

There are probably about a gagillion options out there for pooch themed mouse pads. You’ve got specific breeds, funny cartoons, baskets full of roly poly puppies…whatever you little heart fancies, chances are it’s out there. We like this one because you can customize it with your own fuzz butt’s gorgeous mug.

mouse pad

7. French Bulldog Tape Dispenser, $12.99

This classy little chap is ready to lend a paw when things get sticky. Whether posting a memo or repairing that document you shredded in frustration, this shiny gold Frenchie can help you get the job done.

frenchie tape

8. Dog Shaped Ball Point Pen, $1.59

When it’s time to make that all important To-Do List, or take down your boss’ lunch order, reach for one of these fun, brightly colored pens! When not in use, they make fun little friends to perch on your desk.

dog pen

9. Big Top Collection Balloon Dog Organizer Tray, $46.00

Organize your pens, pencils, highlighters, paper clips, staples, post-its, and whatever other office paraphernalia you’ve got laying around with this ultra modern balloon doggy desk tray! It’s a whimsical pop of color to brighten your day.

10. Big Top Collection Balloon Dog, $45.00

Keep the balloon theme going with this”pop-proof” book holder from BarkShop!

balloon book shelf

11. Magnetic Dog Paper Clip Holder, $17.00

Maybe your boss frowns upon magnificent dog paper clips. If you’re forced to use boring old school office supplies for your paperwork, you can still have a little fun. This sneaky pooch lurks within his orange layer, eager to snap up your castaway clips.


12. Blue Boxer Dog Bookends, $43.99

Let this rough, tough resin Boxer guard your most important tomes. Perched on composite wood bases, these bookends are cool with a touch of quiet class.

bulldog bookendds

13. Puppy Dog Post Its, $1.99

Mark the signature line on client’s documents or just leave delightful little notes for your coworkers with these puppy sticky notes! They’re sure to brighten even the bleakest day.

puppy post it 22

14. Page-A-Month Desk Easel Calendar, $12.99

Beautiful watercolor portraits capture the spirit of each dog. The back of the page has plenty of space to write in your important appointments and engagements.

derp calendar

15. Dog Computer Mouse, $30

Just because it’s called a mouse doesn’t mean you can’t doggify it! This smiley pup can do all the same things that boring old beige one on your desk can do — AND it’s adorable!


16. Dog Cable Tie, $10.00

Keep all those wily cords under control with this Doxie dog cable tie. You never know when your boss may declare your office a pup friendly work space. When that day comes this nifty gadget will not only keep your cords neat, it will keep them safely out of reach of prying pooches.

cable tie

17. DIY Dog Silhouette Pencil Cup, Just the cost of materials!

Got an old aluminum can? The only other items you’ll need are a roll of cork paper and a black Sharpie to fill in your silhouette. Viola! The cutest pencil cup in the whole office!

DIY pencil cup

18. Vintage 60’s Letter Holder, $24.00

This neat retro pup is perfect to organize your mail and important files or just brighten up your desk. Similar products can be found, but we like this one’s vintage flair!

letter holder

19. Chew Chew The Dog IPhone Docking Station, $119.99

We all need a place to juice up our iPhones. Well this one has a few important things going for it.

A) It’s ears are speakers so you can play your favorite jams at your desk. And,
B) It’s a dog with an IPhone/IPod in it’s belly. Enough said.


20. Wall Art, Prices Vary

Last, but certainly not least, dress up those drab office walls with some fabulous dog themed art! Whether you opt for a custom portrait like the one below from Custom Pet Prints, or purchase some prints from Home Goods, having those soulful eyes gazing upon you as you work will make it all worthwhile!

dog in suit

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