10 Of The Very Best (Read: Weird) Dog Parent Confessions

10 Of The Very Best (Read: Weird) Dog Parent Confessions

Everyone has secrets. Especially dog parents. Because of this, our confessions usually involve poop, farts, awkward dating anecdotes, and sometimes, all of the above. But no matter how awesome or bad or awesomely bad our secrets are, they all reveal a wonderful truth: we love our dogs more than anything.

Here are some of our favorite pup parent confessions, courtesy of Whisper:

1. Dog parents don’t like to pass on gas, but they will in the name of love.

dog gas

2. Dog parents need help selecting humans. Good thing they have a pup to help with that.

girlfriend whisper

3. Dog parents can be pathetic (but, like, we’ve all been there).

fake cry

4. Dog parents can be lured under false pretenses — like meeting a cool dog.

whisper date

5. Dog parents enjoy being sweet with their sweetheart.

puppy radio

6. Dog parents sometimes need help. But also sometimes the help they get also needs help.

psych dog

7. Dog parents are creative.

middle name

8. Dog parents ask nicely. Especially when talking to their dog.

cooper shit

9. Dog parents usually aren’t as popular as their dog. (This is normal.)

miss roomie dog

10. Dog parents say those three words a lot… but you can really never say them enough.

i love you

H/t Whisper
Featured image via @henryandpetey/Instagram