The 5 Latest Dog Parenting Trends To Sweep The Nation

The 5 Latest Dog Parenting Trends To Sweep The Nation

Whether or not the terms “dog parent” or “fur baby” make you cringe, the truth is that more people are treating their dogs as family members than ever before. The proof is in the billions per year we spend on them, the names we give them, and scientific studies showing that more women are choosing to have dogs instead of children.

So when predicted the five newest parenting trends popping up in homes with tiny humans, it was only natural for us to see how these same trends already exist in homes where dogs are treated as furry babies.

1. The Drone Parent

For some dog owners, microchipping just doesn’t provide enough security anymore. Although it’s extremely helpful in cases where dogs decide to make a run for it (or worse, are stolen), drone dog parents are now using GPS trackers to have up-to-date information on their dogs’ whereabouts. GPS tracking has also become a standard in dog walking services, allowing dog parents to know exactly where (and if) their dog was walked.

2. Foodie Puppies

With the availability of fresher, healthier dog foods and awareness about ingredients found in dog food, many owners choose to feed their pups only the best. It makes the ramen-eating college student in me insanely jealous, although I’m definitely guilty of eating struggle flakes for breakfast while my dog gets fancy food.

3. The Multilingual Dog Parent

Teaching your dog tricks in just one language is so old school. The dog parent of the future knows that teaching their dogs multiple languages is a great way to give them a leg up among their peers. Just be careful with teaching your dog the word T-R-E-A-T, because your dog doesn’t need to have a treat problem in more than one language. Trust us.

4. The Doggy Cam

Image via CamioCam

Image via Camio

The nanny cam has become the doggy cam for owners who like to keep tabs on their pups even when they’re not home. Whether your preferred view mode of spying is through your dog’s POV or 1984 style, there are now many ways to watch your dog going about his business while home alone if you’re into the voyeur life. And no, we won’t judge you for wanting to watch your dog sniff his own butt sleep all day.

5. Human Names

Long gone are the days when pretty much Fido and Rover were normal dog names. There’s been an increase in using exclusively human names for dogs, which is super pawkward when you go to the dog park and hear, “Sophie, stop humping Max!”

Featured image via Count It Joy Photography