7 Dog People Stereotypes That Are Totally True

7 Dog People Stereotypes That Are Totally True

People with a passion for pooches are coming out of the doghouse screaming: I am dog lover, hear me bark! There’s a lot of different kinds of us canine connoisseurs out there, from the rugged tail-waggers traveling the world, hiking, surfing and other badass-ery…

…to the bow-wow wooers who prefer more of a lapdog-of-luxury lifestyle.

And whether you train them,

or paint them,

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one thing is for sure, we are hopelessly devoted to dogs!

And eHow’s Pets expert, Somyr Perry, says there are a few more things the majority of dog owners have in common. As a lifetime dog owner, and working for many years as a veterinary nurse, Perry has a pretty good idea what distinguishes dog lovers from well, sociopaths everybody else.

The dog-person’s dogma, if you will… Check to see if your personality lines up.

1. You’re sociable.

In fact, you are down right grrrgarious. According to a study published in the Anthrozoos, when rated on five different personality traits (extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism and openness), dog people scored higher on extraversion, agreeableness and conscientiousness. It makes sense. I mean, dog owners kind of train themselves out of being socially awkward once their dog takes a deep whiff of a stranger’s crotch. Feeling lonely? Take a walk with your dog! Eventually you’ll have to strike up conversation with someone by apologizing for a wet nose in their butt.

2. You’re active.

Even the self proclaimed couch puptatoes know there’s nothing better than stretching your legs once in awhile. And not all dog-owners are Pawlympic athletes, but the majority of us definitely enjoy a nice, long walk to enjoy the fresh air and stop to smell the places where other dogs have pooped and peed flowers.

3. You’re loyal.

Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for one hundred years, so it’s not surprising that some of that loyalty would eventually rub off on us! It’s in a dog’s instinct to bond, and every dog owner knows that their pup is the best at teaching them how to be a loyal and loving friend.

4. You love deeply

Much like your pup, dog people are often like pack animals, and those who are lucky enough to be a part of your pack (human and canine alike ) become part of your family. In a 2011 Harris Poll survey, 92 percent of dog owners said they felt like their dog was a member of the family.

5. You look like your dog

The whole “people looking like their dog thing” is a real phenomenon, and it comes from the fact that our furry best buddies spend so much time looking at us, and checking in with us, that they actually begin to start mimicking us, sometimes even our expressions! Of course, this can occur vice versa as well…

6. You follow the rules

As well as being more extroverted, lots of studies also show that dog people are more conscientious than cat people, and more likely to follow the rules. Again, it seems like pet owners mirror their pets. Heck, we can train our pups to do just about anything, even read! But good luck getting your cat to “Sit,” “Stay,” or “No, no, no, no! Please don’t knock that vase off the table!

7. You just get it

Somyr Perry told Rachel Grice at, “Dogs really pay attention to social queues — how people are moving, talking, voice tone — and they are uncannily good at interpreting human behavior, which is why they’ve been our close companions for so long.” And as Rachel so aptly put it, dog people just know how to read a room. This not only makes us more agreeable, since we notice when somebody needs space, it also makes us great in social gatherings.

There’s still a lot up for debate. For example, dog people’s favorite Beatle is Paul McCartney whereas, I’ve always been more of a Rolling Stones gal myself. Either way, whether or not your personality falls in line with these traits, if you love dogs, your my kind-a people. 🙂

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