21 Sweatshirts That Dog Lovers Will Never Want To Take Off

21 Sweatshirts That Dog Lovers Will Never Want To Take Off

Throw on one of these cozy sweatshirts, grab your pup, and plop on the couch for a pawtastic snuggle fest! We won’t judge you, we’ll just be jealous.

1. Fur Our Conversation Sweatshirt, $50

Need something cozy, and an excuse to talk about your dog? This sweatshirt is a two-in-one!


2. Dog Friend Sweatshirt, $42

This sweatshirt is perfect for those hoomans that can’t decide which breed they want to represent. Today might be a Chihuahua day, tomorrow might be a Pug day, who knows?


3. Stylin’ Poodle Sweatshirt, $38

This sweatshirt looks supppeer snugly, and it comes in a variety of breeds (Corgi, Golden Retreiver, Pitbull, Lab, Beagle, German Shepard…just to name a few)!


Source: Etsy

4. Bull Dog Print Sweatshirt, $23

Who doesn’t love a quirky French Bulldog print that comes in pink and blue?

5. Dog Party Sweatshirt, $72

Handmade and screen printed onto jersey fabric–this is a dog-party you don’t want to miss!


Source: Etsy

6. Wake Up, Hug Dog Sweatshirt, $34

Good advice printed onto a slouchy, off the shoulder, sweatshirt–what more do you need?


Source: Etsy

7. Dream In Space Sweatshirt, $42

It’s a sleepy puppy in space on a soft cotton hoody–needless to say, this sweatshirt is outta this world!


8. Husky Typographic Sweatshirt, $28

It’s all those words you use to describe your best friend, plus a visual representation. Don’t have a Husky? Not to worry! This pullover comes in a variety of breeds!


Source: Etsy

9. Circus Dog Sweatshirt, $42

The perfect hoody for any owner of a four-footed, furry, clown.


10. Roar Dog Sweatshirt, £20

100% cotton and 100% every Chihuahua’s dream.


11. Space Dog Sweatshirt, $42

Who wouldn’t play frisbee in space with a UFO as the disk? Until that time (and we hope it’s very soon) keep you and your pup inspired with this pawsome illustration from Society6!


12. Cattle Dog Sweatshirt, $42

Show your freckled-dog pride with this 100% California fleece sweatshirt! This pup looks proud and absolutely snug-able.


Source: Society 6

13. Disc Dog-Border Collie Sweatshirt, $42

It’s a bird! No it’s a plane! Wait–it’s a Border Collie!!!


 14. Puppy Love Sweatshirt, $36

Your puppy obsession may not be surprising, but the cute heart shaped elbow patches on this sweatshirt are!


15. Borzoi Sweatshirt, $42

Ahh the Borzoi–so regal, so classy, so…adorable on a hoody!!!


16. Almost Me, Chihuahua Sweatshirt, $50

These handmade sweatshirts feature embroidered portraits of your favorite breed!


17. Doggy Day Sweatshirt, $42

It’s a scribbly puppy that just makes you want to hug something!


18. Darth Vadar On A Walk Sweatshirt, $25

Perfect for any Hooman that enjoys a quiet night in, watching Star Wars with their pup.

19. Up For Anything Pitbull Sweatshirt, $42

This sweatshirt is silk-screened by hand using non-toxic inks and is available in a variety of breeds!


20. Welsh Terrier Sweatshirt, $42

This sweatshirt looks as cozy as a Welsh Terrier in a knit scarf!


21. Sweatshirt with French Bulldog and Sequins, $16.50

Dress this up with a fun black skirt and platform shoes or wear it to pad around the house while you play hooky from work.

French Bulldog Sweatshirt

Featured image via Lucy & Co.