15 Delightful Dog-Shaped Items For People Who Love Dogs More Than Anything Else

15 Delightful Dog-Shaped Items For People Who Love Dogs More Than Anything Else

As serious dog lovers, nothing is off limits when it comes to puppy-inspired or pooch-themed shtuff. Just ask this person. But I’ve been thinking, and it’s time we take our love one step further and invest in objects shaped like dogs. A more literal homage to our favorite friends. We rounded up a slew of four-legged finds to get you started. The one thing we’re still missing? A human cookie-cutter that will remold us into mutts.

1. Weiner Dog Earplugs, $34

These Dachshund earplugs are perfect for tuning out noisy neighbors, daytime Coldplay concerts, and anyone who tells you you have nothing between your ears. Because you do. And it’s a dog torso.


2. Moppy Dog Mop, about $26

Normally, we advocate against cleaning the floor with your dog, but as his bubblegum tongue suggests, this Puli is more than happy to do the job, (especially if you reward him with cornrows.)

dog mop

3. Chihuahua Mini Cushion, $30

There’s no shortage of dog-shaped pillows out there, but the chihuahua’s ear to body ratio makes it by far our favorite couch-topping silhouette. You’ll also have a nice grip for those times you have to whip it at David Schwimmer saying “Juice.”

chi pillow

4. Checkerboard Backpack, $15.99

This floppy-eared fellow may have been designed for kids, but super cool adults can also rock this look. It’s also the best place to store dog-shaped notebooks and dog-shaped cats.


5. 3D Puppy Phone Case, $6.65

Ok, so it’s not totally shaped like a dog, but the wittle puppy paws and perky puppy tail are too cute to ignore. The back view is adorable and all, but that front view? LAWD have mercy.


6. Dog Pendulum Wall Clock, $44.99

We can see this puppy hanging in a country kitchen or a contemporary kids playroom! Bonus: in dog hours, every day is only 3.42 hours long, which gives you just enough time to watch Kate completely abandon Leo at the end of Titanic.


7. Shep The Sheep Dog Rug, $85.74

You can feel extra good about bringing this adorable pup into your house; each rug is handmade in Kathmandu through the Sew Heart Felt collection, which provides sustainable, traditional work for women in rural Nepal. We knew Shep had trustworthy eyes.


8. Boston Terrier Ring, $32.50

Your pup clearly has you wrapped around her finger, so why not accessorize your tickle-sticks with a replica of her adorably stout body? Sure, she looks less than amused here, but sometimes it’s good to live on the edge.


9. Dachshund Cutting Board, $14.99

It can be really hard to arrange a cheese and cracker spread on a live and breathing pup. The breathing part makes it especially hard to balance the olives. Enter this handsome wooden version whose ready to serve from head to tail.


10. Poky Little Puppy Hooded Towel Bath Set, $51.97

The littlest people are often the biggest doggy lovers, so they deserve some wag swag, too! Just don’t be surprised when they tinkle on the carpet…kids take role play rull seriously.


11. Lab Dog Mug, $23

Enjoy a hair of the dog in all your canine’s 3d glory! Technically these ceramic mugs can also hold coffee, but Rover doesn’t love you because you’re boring…


12. Dog Desk Organizer, $14.97

For the type-A dog lover. You know, the one whose pup has a monogrammed bed and a bleached asshole.


13. Knitted Dog Hat, $11.35

This is a dog’s head. Kinda. (Relax.) It’s cute, cozy, and way more acceptable than nailing one of those animal dog busts to the wall.


14. Bette the Bulldog Purse, $19

Ever since Beast of the Southern Wild star Quvenzhané Wallis toted one of these dog purses to red carpet events in 2013, these puppies have been flying off the shelf! You’ll have to check the website regularly to find your pooch preference, but with options including Fifi the Bridal Poodle and Cookie Frankel from Real Housewives of New York, they’re worth the wait.


15. Doggy Shaped Chalkboard, $7.68

You have the pick of the litter when it comes to these pooch shaped chalkboards! Hung from jute string, they’ll make a pawsomely rustic addition to your home.


Featured image via Dog Bark Park Inn