12 Adorable Dog-Inspired Stationery Items That Will Make You Want A Pen Pal

12 Adorable Dog-Inspired Stationery Items That Will Make You Want A Pen Pal

Just because the internet has killed most traditional forms of communication doesn’t mean you can’t go old school every once and awhile. After all, you never know when these note cards and pads might come in handy. Make sure you’re scribbling those “I’m sorry my dog did ______” notes in style with these dog-centric accessories.

1. HastingsStudio Assorted Dog Breed Notes, $16

Finally, the perfect stationery for the Chihuahua lover in your life. Or the Dauschund lover. Or Boxer lover. Basically any breed you can think of is covered in this adorable assorted stationery set. Created by Irene Hastings, a part-time artist and stay-at-home mom who creates illustrations in her spare time, these notes are the perfect gift, regardless of what breed you have.


2. Sassy Assorted Pup Greeting Cards, $2-$6.25

New Jersey illustrator Victoria Steingart is a self-confessed dog lover (whose first word was “dog,” according to her) who has devoted her life to creating pieces inspired by dogs. Her greeting cards and notes feature hand-drawn images of pups with clever slogans, from “I love you, terrierbly” to “When all else fails, hug a goldie.” If the pun “I woof you” makes you cackle instead of roll your eyes, then these are made for you.


3. Puppy House Sticky Notes, $2,65

Ditch those boring, old yellow Post-Its for these clever sticky notes that are too adorable to ignore. You can choose between five different breeds: Beagle, Pomeranian, Schnauzer, Minipin, and Shitzu. They can be used on notes, in craft projects, or as cute reminders to pay the rent or call your mother. They’re so cute, your notes will never be forgotten.


4. “A Dog’s Life” Notecard Set, $12

Created by illustrator Gemma Correll, best known for her hilarious book A Worrier’s Guide To Life, this notecard set confronts the puzzling, and sometimes downright disgusting, habits of dogs. From vomit eating to butt sniffing, Correll understands what it’s like to be a dog owner, from the weird to the hilarious. She also has tons of pug-related prints for sale on her Society6 page.


5. Personalized Vintage Dog Stationery, $18

For those who like classic art, these personalized stationery cards are perfect. Featuring several breeds, from Saint Bernards to Beagles to Pugs, these cards can be easily tailored to fit the dog lover in your life. Or just be selfish and buy a pack for yourself. Come on, you know you want to.


6. “I Double Dog Dare You” Note Card, $6

Richie Design has all kinds of snarky notecards for sale in her Etsy store, but we personally love this dog-centric one that’s not only hilarious but a little mischievous.


7. Adorable Pug Note Cards, $4

We can pardon illustrator Harriet Grey for selling mostly cat-themed stationery accessories in her Etsy store. After all, next to her cat stuff are these adorable pug greeting cards. For those who don’t think cats are sinister devil spawns, a pug/cat duo card is available for purchase, too.


8. Dog Portrait Notepads, $12

Manage your everyday tasks with ease with these dog-centric notepads. Comes in two breeds, Boston Terrier or Basset Hound. Created by design team Gus + Abby, they also produce other dog-related products, like prints, coaster sets, and more.


9. Assorted Dog Note Cards, $4

Dottie Dog’s assortment of stationery cards are so colorful and varied, we had a hard time deciding which ones we liked more. With a unique style that’s one-of-a-kind , these note cards will definitely not go unnoticed.


10. Dog Mini Journals, $9.95

Small enough to stash just about anywhere, use these tiny notepads to document your secret thoughts. Or maybe just use it to keep top-secret tabs on your dog. The choice is yours.


11. BarkClips, $6

Even if you don’t have any fancy notepads or dog-themed letterheads lying around, you can still show off your dog pride with these charming paperclips that are shaped like our four-legged friends. You can use them to keep paper in order, as bookmarks, as bag clips—pretty much anything.


12. Moleskin Dog Journal, $22

And finally, here’s a weapon every dog owner must have. This isn’t just a “dog-themed” journal, this is a comprehensive dog organizer complete with breeds lists, training logs, health records, and themed sections to personalize and record your dog’s moments for years to come.