Check Out This Puppy With Braces And 7 Other Stories We Covered Last Week

Check Out This Puppy With Braces And 7 Other Stories We Covered Last Week

There’s nothing better than a good dog story. Sometimes you just need a little pup-me-up to brighten up your day. Have you heard of puppy orthodontics?! What about Juju the literal larger than life Goldendoodle who is on his way to be the next BIG celebridog? These dog stories will have you grinning from ear to ear. Sink into your couch and read up on our favorite feel-good stories from last week.

1. Puppy With Braces Is A Lot Happier About Than Most Teens

Dogs need dentists, too! Especially Wesley, whose protruding teeth were keeping him from closing his mouth completely. Luckily Dr. Moore of Harborfront Hospital for Animals is trained in orthodontics and was able to fit Wesley with a set of custom braces.

2. Dog Breeds That Are Classy AF

Meet the candidates of the classiest pups out there. Some are beautiful, some full of poise and grace, and some are both.

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3. Realities You Face When Your Dog Is A Picky Eater

The struggle is real when you’re dining out with a human friend who is a picky eater. The same struggle comes into play with a picky eating pup. Here’s 15 hilarious examples of realities you face when your dog is a picky eater.

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4. The Perfect Book For Dog Lovers

Almost a year ago, BarkPost had a crazy idea to publish a book.

10 months, a literary agent, a book deal with Putnam, and 220 amazing dog parents later, that dream is alive as our first pre-sale links are LIVE today!

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5. Man Takes Love For Dog And Super Sizes It Into Art

Here’s Juju the Goldendoodle we mentioned before with his dad, Christopher Cline. Cline got creative with his giant love for Juju and that ruv is blowing up on Instagram.

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6. Pups Teach Ballet Dancers How To Stay En Pointe

Ballet is a elegant and breathtaking art, but it’s also a stressful career that requires extreme training. The Dogist made a special visit to the American Ballet Theatre to photograph the pups who help the professional dancers stay en pointe.

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7. Products For Dogs Who Like To Shove Their Bodies Into Small Spaces

If your pup is the burrowing type that means they’re also the cuddling type. These products will facilitate both!

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8. Stephen Colbert’s Version Of The Oscars Is Way Better

Because let’s be real the Oscars are a total snooze fest. Puppy Oscars are WAY better!

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Featured image via Silje Nygård Ydstebø/YouTube