30 Of The Most Drool-Worthy Dog Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

30 Of The Most Drool-Worthy Dog Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

Men and women have been etching art into their skin since… pretty much forever and, while tattoos aren’t for everyone, you have to admit, there’s something truly magical about the choice to wear your love of dogs, quite literally, on your sleeve.

If these beauties do inspire you to get one of your own, keep these two points in mind:

#1: Pick the tattoo artist based on the type of tattoo you plan on getting. Different strokes for different folks, some are good at graphic styles, some at geometric patterns, while others rock portraits.

#2: Colored tattoos show up differently on different skin tones. So do your research and plan accordingly before you bound on over to a tattoo studio.

Now sit back and browse away!

Watercolor Tattoos
Watercolor tattoos are all the rage! Instead of having your tattoo filled in the old fashioned way, you can upgrade it for the watercolor style to make your puppy look instantly artsy.

Contemporary Geometric/Line Tattoos
Take your dog tattoos from tacky to ultra-modern with these line and geometric styles. The key to pulling this edgy style off is to keep the design minimal and include some shading for added effect. If you decide that you also want color, then definitely consider watercoloring.

Portrait Tattoos

Portraits sound old-timey and boring. Except they totally don’t have to be! These are great examples of portrait tattoos done right! Pick the right tattoo artist as portrait tattoos can be tricky. You want to get as close to your pup’s actual face as you pawssibly can!