The Most Brilliant Dog Treat Solutions for Fatties (Volume 1)

The Most Brilliant Dog Treat Solutions for Fatties (Volume 1)

I’m Jenny, part of the Merchandising and Operations team at BarkBox.

jenny pic

This is my significant other, life partner, child, landlord, keeper of my social calendar, Benny.

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(No, the rhyming names were not on purpose, he was already a Benny for 8+ years when I adopted him last May at a Best Friends Super Pet Adoption. And yes, we ARE going out to dinner for our one-year anniversary coming up, thankyouverymuch.)

Every dog parent knows that there can be a number of challenges that come up in the quest to give your Bubba or Bella the best life possible. Did I say challenges? I mean….learning experiences.

(Ok, no…..I mean challenges. And obstacles.)

Benny’s scaled 3 ft tall baby gates multiple times with the ease of an Olympic hurdler – despite having undergone two knee surgeries within the past year. He’s able to push over a suitcase weighing roughly 40+ pounds to help himself to joining my roommate and her boyfriend in the shower. (Still sorry about that, guys.) He can find a piece of chocolate along a sidewalk of which there was NO chocolate. This guy.

this guy

If you too find yourself the proud mom of an overweight, hyperactive, food-obsessed senior pup who needs to lose weight but has activity restrictions and an unstoppable demand for your attention at all moments…..take a deep breath. And then have a look at some of the items that helped Benny shed the needed pounds as low-calorie, long-lasting activities that didn’t cause his wittle legs too much impact.
#1. Planet Dog Raspberry

Survival this past NYC winter was aided greatly by smushing pieces of grilled chicken into the opening of this hollow raspberry. It became a small ball of plain, low calorie protein that would keep Benny occupied for hours, with nothing to throw, chase, run after, but rather roll around while trying to withdraw every ounce of chicken goodness. Pro-tip: Kongs, my original vehicle for this,  can be a bit on the large side. Switching to this petite raspberry made a big difference weight-loss wise for this lil dog.

#2. Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats Smoothies

Low calorie, healthy, long-licking fun. ‘Nuff said. (Also going to hit-the-spot in the upcoming summer months!)

#3. Himalayan Chew

Himalayan dog chew

Ridiculously long-lasting and very low-calorie, the day these came into the BarkBox office I shed tears of joy (while smuggling a few in my purse.) Made from 100% all-natural Yak and Cow milk (and nothing else) these chews have been a life-saver. Pro-Tip: Because Benny’s a senior pup I make sure to monitor the amount of heavy chewing he’s doing and remove the chew when it seems like he’s hard enough for one sittin’. And because of his attempts at back flips whenever he sees one, I make sure he’s not around any sharp edges when these appear.

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#4. Smarter Toys IQ Ball
iq ballz

Put some grilled chicken or lean ground turkey in one of these bad boys, and Benny would keep himself busy for hours, with low-calorie enjoyment that allowed him to be active (but not too-active) while also mentally stimulated. #winning


#5. PetSafe Lickety Stick



With only 1 calorie for every 10 tasty licks, this. is. pawsome.

Sit. Lick. Repeat. Good boy.

May these items bring you and your pup the joy, relief, grilled chicken, and sanity they’ve provided for myself and Benjamin.

Till next time!

Cheers and pup rears,
Jenny and Benny