11 Dog-Inspired Wallpapers That Prove The Trend Isn’t Dead After All

11 Dog-Inspired Wallpapers That Prove The Trend Isn’t Dead After All

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Hey, wallpaper didn’t die after the 70’s! Although I admit some of it should have… Just kill it. Kill it with fire!

Ugly Wallpaper

Somewhere far, far away from your grandma’s house, modern wallpapers are actually really fun. In fact, those designed with dogs in mind make great additions to any decor! (And don’t worry, not all of them require heavy duty labor.) You know your style, and let’s face it, if you’re here then dogs fit the bill.

So stretch your creative muscles with these 11 fun and sophisticated dog-inspired wallpapers, and get decorating!

1. Saint Hubert Hunting Dogs by Pierre Frey

In rustic shades like leather and shadow, this print examines the beauty of the running canine, with gorgeous sketches that capture the spirit of the hunting dog. It sort of has a man cave ring to it, no?


2. Dog Park by Julia Rothman

As if you never wanted to bring ALL the dogs at the dog park home with you. Look no more! Now you’ve got a pack of pedigrees at the tip of your fingers — and without the muddy paws.

dog park

Not enough room or time for a big project? Put together some super cute and super easy wall cubbies to use as makeshift shelves! Just grab a few cubbies or boxes from your local craft store and follow these instructions to your specifications.


3. Purebred by Thibaut

Pops of red and turquoise (this paper comes in so many cute colors) liven up a boring room, and who doesn’t love those floppy-eared spaniels?!


4. Little Cube “Paris” by Sarah Betz

Perfect for a kid’s room (or your own, this is a judgmente-free zone), it’s fun and fantastic even if there are a couple cats thrown in. Je t’aime Paris!


5. Long Dog by Emily Bond

For all the sighthound fans, this one’s for you! We love the dual palette that’s a bit resigned but still strikingly pretty. So simple, you’d have a hard time getting your significant other to disagree.


Check it out… you can use ANY wallpaper your heart desires and give it new life! Try papering the back panel of a bookshelf for a cool effect! Find DIY instructions here and make a weekend of it.


6. Wire Haired Jack Russell by Emily Bond

This lady’s got a knack for the dog breed prints, and I for one am quite impressed. Jack Russells are notorious little powerhouses, but here they’ll have no pawblem sitting and staying right where they are.

jack russell

7. Bulldog by Amy Brocklehurst

It’s time to add a little life to that office of yours! And nothing says “life” more than the Bulldog: couch potatoes that sleep, and snore… and sleep… well maybe that’s not the best example. But Bulldogs rock anyway.


8. DOGS by Baines & Fricker

There’s nothing I like more than simple, minimalist sketches to make a statement. I’m more of a “gray is my favorite color” kind of person, but this print comes in yellow, blue, pink, and white to meet your taste.


When in doubt, frame it! Any design or print looks instantly better in a frame, and you can get them on the cheap at any craft store! Just cut to fit and viola!


9. Wiener Dogs by Loboloup

Tiny Dachshunds peeking out from around every corner? You’ve got fun, funny, and cool all wrapped up in one. Sense of humor: check.


10. Best in Show by Osborne & Little

Nothing says classy like silhouettes, and this wallpaper outlines all your favorite breeds. (Mutt-lovers, you’ll have to use your imaginations–they’re in there somewhere!)


12. Hunterhill Dog by Laura Ashley

It’s all in the details, folks. So elegant. So classic. And–oh, look! Dogs!


11. Walkies by Albany

“Walkies?” When have I ever said no?


Let’s paper the town with these pups!

Featured Image via Dog Milk