Open Casting Call for #DogPeople

Open Casting Call for #DogPeople

Do you cook for your Collie? Sing to your Spaniel? Yoga with your Yorkie? Or maybe you simply look the other way when your dog decides to…redecorate?


These are all symptoms of being a UDP, and the movement is spreading. (Ultimate Dog Person, duh. :))

I knew the moment I turned down my dream apartment just because it wasn’t around the corner from my dog Oona’s favorite park, that I had converted. I was one of them. A Dog Parent. It’s amazing how easily our dogs’ happiness can become paramount to our own and the crazy things that our love for them can make us do — just to get those little tails wagging.

If you’re the type to go to silly, awesome, and extreme lengths to make your dog’s day, we want to hear from you!


We are looking for 30 to 60-second video submissions showing us why you oughta’ be crowned among the ultimate #DogPeople. We’re going to be paw-picking the best of the best and those videos will be featured on the BarkBox and BarkPost Facebook pages (to be ogled and adored by our over 1.4 million followers)!

Winners will also receive a 6-month subscription to BarkBox, and 10 pups will be guaranteed a celebratory spot in our upcoming BarkBook! #MuchSwag #SuchFame


What we need:

– A :30 or :60 second YouTube video starring you & your dog. Make your pup the star of the video!
– Post your submission on YouTube tagged with @BarkBox and send an email with the link to [email protected]
– The funnier & happier (& weirder) the better!


– Remember: If you shoot your video on an iPhone or Android, be sure to use the horizontal orientation
– Please use 1920 X 1080 (HD) quality, when possible
– Make sure your video is well-lit (even the background) and hold the camera as steady as possible while shooting


– As soon as pawsible, submissions are due by Monday, November 16th and our Winners will be selected by Friday, November 20th!

So, whether you’ve dug faux groundhog holes so your dog can safely get their dig on like Ammo the Dachshund


Or you pre-screen all your brunch plans to ensure your sidekick can partake like Pumpkin & Sunshine:


…We want to see it! What are you waiting for? Show us what makes you #DogPeople!


By submitting to the #DogPeople contest, you are giving the humans at BarkCo permission to use your content in marketing materials.